macbook-air-2014One of the best ways to get a discount on brand new Macs has typically been Apple’s education pricing, but that’s not true this release cycle. Best Buy has been offering customers with .edu email addresses a $150 savings on nearly all MacBooks but until now the brand new April 2014 MacBook Airs were excluded.

Best Buy has lifted the ban on these models so you can use your unique education discount on any of the new MacBook Airs, which will net you the entry-level 11-inch model for just $749.99 with free shipping (17% off). As a pricing comparison, Apple only offers its education customers a $50 discount on this same model. This is currently the best pricing you’ll find on a new condition MacBook Air from the past two years since the EOL deal is now sold out.

To cash in on this deal you must register your .edu email address here, wait to receive a confirmation email from Best Buy, and then apply the promo code from the email during checkout.


College Student Deals, Sign Up for Special Student-Only Offers

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3 Responses to “Take $150 off early 2014 MacBook Airs (requires .edu email), deals from $750 (up to 17% off)”

  1. Saquib says:

    How long do we expect to wait before promo code email arrives to inbox? I signed up, got my student profile at Best Buy confirmed, but yet to receive any promo code. Plz advise.

    • Dan DeSilva says:

      The codes usually arrive shortly after sign up. If you still haven’t received an email then I would reach out to Best Buy support. Good luck!

    • MGhostSoft says:

      Same question here. I entered my edu email and confirmed it, but received a deals email containing no promo code. Enter my Email in that Bestbuy page and I received the same email again right away, but still not received any email containing a promo code.