Update (8/13 4:30 PM): Blutek via eBay Daily Deals offers the iPad Air 32GB WiFi (Silver or Space Gray) for $489.99 shipped. That’s $110 off the original list price.

Update (8/11 11:10am): Blutek via eBay Daily Deals:

Staples and Best Buy have both kicked off significant iPad sales. First, Staples is taking $100 off all iPad Air WiFi models when you enter coupon code 79449 at checkout. That means the entry-level 16GB model is only $399, which is $20 less then Apple charges for it in refurbished condition. At the time of posting, all storage capacities except for the 128GB model are available in both Space Gray and Silver.

Next, Best Buy is knocking $50 off iPad mini with retina display. Both WiFi and cellular (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) models are included in this sale. That drops the 16GB WiFi model down to $349.99. Keep in mind that you can save an additional $50 on these sale prices if you have access to a .edu email address.

If you’re not interested in paying up for Apple’s latest and greatest iPads, then you may want to wait for Target’s $199 iPad mini sale that we have a feeling may kick off next week.


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2 Responses to “Apple tablets: iPad Air from $399 ($100 off), Retina iPad mini from $350 ($50 off) or from $300 w/ .edu ($100 off)”

  1. Robert Dufly says:

    I bought an iPad Mini Retina, for $399 about a month after they came out, and I really like it.

    I do not know why people claim that you don’t need to upgrade a tablet, if you have a tablet older than the Mini Retina or iPad Air – then you could upgrade, because this device is much zippier than the older ones.

    But given that you will keep the thing for a long time, go ahead and get more storage. 16GB is occasionally an issue.

    What takes the most space are TV shows and Videos, and for the most part I just delete them off local storage. But if you did want to load up the device and go on a trip – you’ll want the 32GB or larger device.

    I love the mini’s weight. As a developer i own all kinds of tablets, – I have a Nexus 7, I have some generic Lenovo large tablet…my wife has a Dell Venue Pro 11 windows “tablet”, although it never doesn’t have its keyboard attached, so its kind of just a laptop, but it has a touch screen.

    I need the tablets to develop apps, but I could grab any one of them to use for personal use – the one I always do grab is the iPad Mini. It’s just the best, having the zippy processor, and the lightness, and the screen that is large enough – Apple did well.

  2. Jeremiah G. says:

    I wonder why this doest not apply to the iPad Air silver 128GB model? The Space Gray 128GB is listed, but if the silver is added the discount is not applied.