Giveaway: 50 licenses for QuickRes – the app that changes your resolution in a click


Update (7/24 4:35pm): All the codes are gone! You can still save 50% off by visiting this page.

We’ve partnered with ThnkDev to give away fifty free licenses of its popular Mac OS X utility: QuickRes. We recommended this app in our review and have found it to be a must-have partner for your built-in or external display.

Head below for full details on the app and to learn how you can grab one for yourself.  Read more

Converse upgrades its Chuck Taylor All Stars with new technology for the first time in nearly a century


It has been a minute since Converse updated its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes, well, actually 98 years. The popular footwear have been found beneath some of the most important pop-culture figures over the last century, from famous basketball players like Dr. J to former President John F. Kennedy. For nearly 100 years, the design has served itself well since Indiana’s Chuck Taylor first improved the shoe as a Converse salesman.

But times change and your company gets bought by Nike. With the visuals largely going unchanged, Converse is finally bringing some of the technology pioneered by its Beaverton, Oregon parents to the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars.  Read more

Stary Board cuts the weight to become the “world’s lightest” electric vehicle


Using your own muscles to propel a bike or skateboard is so played out in 2015. We’ve seen the lightest e-bike on the road and now a group of inventors is showing off “the world lightest” electric vehicle of any kind on Kickstarter.

The Stary Board is enjoying massive success after a few weeks, raising more than double its goal in that time. Weighing in less than most newborn babies at nine pounds, this new skateboard promises fast speeds at a low cost.  Read more

QuickLock, a Bluetooth and NFC compatible lock: $49 Shipped (Orig. $60, CA Tax Only)

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Convenience and security are usually polar opposites. But the QuickLock uses NFC and Bluetooth to provide one-tap access to your protected stuff. You can currently pick one up for $49 with free shipping. That’s $8 less than Amazon’s shipped price where it gets 3/5 star reviews from limited reviewers. and Cnet.comboth gave it solid reviews. The QuickLock is made from die cast zinc alloy, making it practically unbreakable, and it has no keyhole. Instead, it comes with a key card, which you simply swipe over the lock to gain access. Alternatively, you can unlock the QuickLock from your phone, or with the separately available keyfobs and ring. To give other people access, you can sync up to fifty keyfobs or cards with each QuickLock, and an unlimited number of phones. This system is a lot more secure than a regular combination lock because you don’t have to pass around codes. The lock charges via the supplied micro USB cable, and it will remain operational for two years on a single charge.
  • Made of die cast zinc alloy, rendering it virtually indestructible
  • Allows for one-tap access via a fob or ring (sold separately), a card, or smartphone
  • Includes convenient access for multiple people: works with up to 50 wireless NFC keys and an unlimited number of phones
  • Prevents having to remember combinations or locate keys for your locks
  • Provides battery life for up to two years on one charge
  • Charges via a micro USB cable

You can currently get 18% off the QuickLock at 9to5Toys Specials add to cart now.

Review: The Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15 is a big-ticket Bluetooth speaker with a lavish design


We see a lot of Bluetooth speakers come through for review that typically fall in the $50-$300 range, rarely topping a price mark higher than that. The question is: do higher priced models deliver a superior sound experience to justify spending two or three times as much other options?

Bang & Olufsen is known for its great sounding audio equipment that have beautiful designs but aren’t necessarily the most cost-effective for the average consumer. B&O released the Beolit 15 back in the winter as a new addition to its family of more affordable B&O PLAY audio products. After spending a few weeks with this Bluetooth speaker, it’s time to answer the question of affordability vs. quality.  Read more is ready to battle Amazon and Walmart for your online shopping needs


Perhaps you’ve heard of, the new Amazon and Walmart competitor that launched nationwide today. With substantial backing and big ambitions, this new service plans on undercutting Jeff Bezos’ company on every product that the startup offers.

Head below for the full detail on this lofty new service’s plan to lower your costs on every item you buy.  Read more

The Remix Mini is a low-cost Android-based PC alternative that smashed its Kickstarter goal


Following the success of Raspberry Pi, small simplistic computers are seeing a huge boom in popularity over the last year. Non-traditional operating systems are finding a place in schools and with at home tinkerers looking for a new challenge. From Chromebooks to Ubuntu, more and more consumers are looking for Windows and Mac alternatives.

After being announced last month, Jide Tech launched its Kickstarter campaign for the $30 Remix Mini Android PC five days ago and the response has been astonishing.  Read more

Acer’s $100 waterproof Liquid Leap+ Fitness Watch for iOS and Android debuts in the US with a 20% discount

Acer is now accepting US orders for its Liquid Leap+ Fitness Watch. But instead of charging the regular price of $99.99, Acer’s online store is currently selling it for $79.99 with free shipping.

This wearable is not only a fitness and sleep tracker but it also features some smartwatch capabilities for iOS and Android devices including email, text notifications, and music control. Each Liquid Leap+ comes with three different color bands (black, green, pink), a microUSB charging cable, and cradle.

Prices for full on Android smartwatches continue to tumble with the ASUS ZenWatch now at $129.99 (Reg. $200) and the Moto 360 at $149 (Orig. $250). Read more

ZNAPS gives any Lightning or microUSB charging cable a MagSafe-like connector


We have all certainly experienced this dreadful feeling at some point: accidentally catching your iPhone or Android’s charging cord with your foot, sending your device helplessly spinning across the room until it strikes the floor. Apple has long had MagSafe technology as a part of its laptop power supplies, although it may be on its way out, but it has yet to find its way to iPhone or iPad. The same is true of Android devices, we’ve come so far and yet our phones are easily turned into sling shots with an accidental trip of the cord.

Enter ZNAPS. A new Kickstarter project that is bringing the same concept of MagSafe to any Lightning or microUSB charging cable. Based on the response from the Kickstarter community thus far, there are a lot of users that desire this type of connectivity.  Read more

4K A/V Receivers: Denon 7.2-ch. 735W w/ AirPlay $499 (Orig. $999), Onkyo 5.2-ch. 575W $180 (Reg. $250)


Amazon offers the Denon (AVR-X3100W) 7.2-channel 735W 4K UHDTV A/V Receiver w/ Bluetooth and AirPlay for $499 shipped. Also available at Crutchfield for $1 more with free two-day shipping. This is a savings of $500 off the original price and the best current offering we can find. Rated 4/5 stars.

Features include eight HDMI 2.0 inputs with 4K 60Hz pass-through, 7.2-channels at 105W each and 4K/HDMI upscaling. Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity are built-in to this receiver.


Next up, Groupon offers the Onkyo (TX-NR535) 5.2-channel 575W 4K UHDTV Network Connected A/V Receiver for $199.99. Applying coupon code HOT3 drops the final price to $179.99 shipped. Today’s deal is $300 off the original listing, $60 better than Amazon’s offering and the best current price. Rated 3.7/5 stars.

This Onkyo receiver has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, six HDMI inputs with 4K passthrough, front USB connectivity and two zone support.

Be sure to pick up some extra HDMI cables for your new home audio setup.

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A-Bike Electric brings power assistance in the “lightest and most compact” package in the world


There is a group of entrepreneurs in the UK that have taken to Kickstarter to fund their latest creation with the goal of making your commute easier. Building upon the popular A-bike design from a decade ago, this project is adding electricity to the mix to make that morning journey to work a little more enjoyable.  Read more