UPDATE: Both cameras have sold out.Untitled 8Today we found two home monitors/surveillance cameras on sale.  The First is the ZyXEL CloudEnabled Network Camera with Night Vision, Pan/Tilt, and Remote Viewing for only $59.99 Shipped. Pan-Tilt-Zoom technology provides complete camera control, allowing you to quickly and easily pan your camera up to 340 degrees, and tilt up to 100 degrees, straight from your smartphone or computer monitor. This includes parking lots, outdoor areas, or rooms without a readily available Ethernet connection.M100_05-RTP-global-001

The next is the Philips In.Sight Wireless Home Monitor & Surveillance Camera For All Apple and Android Devices for only $59 shipped. the monitor streams live video and audio directly to your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device and alerts you when motion or sound is detected. The monitor also uploads recordings to a private web account that can be accessed on any computer–at home or away–for secure, convenient surveillance.

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