Update: You can now get the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console (refurbished) for $26.49 shipped from Worlds Best Deals through Rakuten. This normally goes for $100 new from Amazon, so you save almost 75% here. Worlds Best Deals also has the Atari Flashback 7  (refurbished) on sale for $19.99 shipped, normally $50 new at Amazon. If you’re into retro gaming, these are some deals that you just can’t pass up.

GameStop is offering a pre-owned Sega Dreamcast Console for $44.99 shipped right now. That’s about $5 off the usual price at GameStop (if they are even available) and the best price we can find from a reputable dealer. While it may be possible to find one for less at a local game shop or on eBay in a bundle or something, you’ll have to do some digging and probably get lucky.

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GameStop also has extra Dreamcast Gamepads and Memory Units on sale right now as well starting at just $3.

All units pre-owned units are guaranteed to work and can be returned within 7 days of purchase.

The fabled Dreamcast console fell into obscurity (along with more of the rest of Sega’s hardware department) pretty quickly all things considered. But it has managed to carry a cult following for the 20 years since it originally released.

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