Nintendo sold more Switch units in 10 months than Wii U did in 4.5 years

The Nintendo Switch is in millions of homes nationwide. It’s in my home, and several of my friends’ homes, and many of your homes. Nintendo needed this win after the failed Wii U launch following its successful Wii. To no one’s surprise, Nintendo has sold an exorbitant amount of Switch units, but just how many has really baffled me.

Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, came out around 10 months ago and took the world by storm. As sort of an ‘upgraded Nintendo DS’ styled system, the Switch was welcomed into many homes, though people were somewhat cautious with Nintendo’s latest system.

However, shortly after launch, the Switch became a massive hit and couldn’t be kept on most store shelves. This trend continued for months and months.

Fast forward to today. The Nintendo Switch is just about 10 months old, and Nintendo just released its 2017 earnings statement. Since release, Nintendo reports selling 14.86 million Switch consoles. Software wise, Nintendo sold over 52.5 million units. Let’s break that down.

The Wii U, Nintendo’s previous generation console, sold a total of 13.56 million units over the course of its entire life. That’s not just 10 months, but over almost 4.5 years of sales. The Nintendo Switch surpassed 4.5 years of sales numbers in less than 1 year.

Super Mario Odyssey was released this past October. I attended the midnight release at my local Best Buy, and picked it up day one. Obviously many others did, because Nintendo reports over 9 million units sold for Super Mario Odyssey. That means more than 1 out of every 2 Switch units sold has Super Mario Odyssey. Whoa.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold over 7.3 million units, Splatoon 2 over 4.9 million, and the list goes on. Nintendo reports a total of 8 ‘million seller’ titles for the 2017 fiscal year. That’s insane! Thankfully, the earnings report didn’t stop there.

Reading on a little bit further, Nintendo talks about the upcoming fiscal year.

Major software titles due out for Nintendo Switch include Bayonetta 2, set for release in February, and Kirby Star Allies, coming in March, as well as major titles planned by other software publishers. We aim to broaden the platform’s user base by continuing to introduce compelling new software in addition to the stable of popular titles that already have been released.

This quote from the company’s report makes me so happy. There are many titles that I’m waiting on when it comes to the Switch. Super Smash Bro.’s, virtual console, Animal Crossing, and more are all games that I really am excited for. I played Animal Crossing as a kid and would be quite interested to see what’s been done to update it.

That quote also leads to many other games that could potentially be coming. DOOM has been released for Switch, along with Skyrim (two of my favorite games).

What other games could be on the way? Call of Duty? Destiny? Something else entirely? We have no idea, but I really am excited for this upcoming year on the Switch. What games are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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