The weekend DiscountMags sale is now live with titles from just $4.50 per year. We are seeing a number of popular magazines down below our usual exclusive deals including Wired, Popular Science, GQ, ESPN and many more. Details below.

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For example, a one year subscription to Wired magazine is down at $4.73 with free shipping. The same subscription would run $20 on Amazon right now and this is the best price we can find. 

As always, there are no delivery fees, no sales tax and DiscountMags will never auto-renew your sub on you. Any mag in your cart can also be sent to a separate address with a personalized note should you choose to do so. 

Wired Magazine:

Wired magazine is a computer magazine devoted to readers who want to know more about that world. Every issue covers the newest and hottest electronic devices, giving readers an inside look at those devices before they hit the streets. From the hottest technologies to reviews of the best devices on the market, Wired magazine is a must-read publication for those interested in technology. 

Readers flock to Wired magazine because the publisher understands that readers want more than just another computer magazine. Every issue covers topics like philosophy, art, science, and the culture of those playing on the Internet. You will find hot topics in the Start section such as airlines that burst on the scene by offering wireless access on planes. This section even jumps into worlds you won’t find covered in other magazines such as how some cultures use electronics in unusual ways. 

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