Exploring Amazon’s private label grocery brands: Wickedly Prime, AmazonFresh, Happy Belly, more

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Amazon now has nearly 140 private labels to its name. We recently explored the lesser-known household brands that are owned and sold by the online retail giant. Now we’re going to shift the focus to food and drink. Truth be told, Amazon’s private label grocery brands are perhaps among the most likely to be easily associated with the retailer, with names such as Wickedly Prime and AmazonFresh. Of course, we’d be remiss if we left out Whole Foods, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017. Head after the jump for a closer look at Amazon’s private label groceries and what they have to offer.

AmazonFresh: (Mostly) coffee

Yes, AmazonFresh is the name of Amazon’s home grocery delivery service, but it’s also the moniker for one of Amazon’s coffee brands. You’ll find whole bean, ground, and even K-cup offerings within. Now, we say mostly coffee because the AmazonFresh line also includes a few of bottles of olive oil. We don’t know why that is, but overall, people seem to like it.

What’s worth buying?

Amazon’s answer to donut shop coffee lies in its AmazonFresh Donut Cafe Whole Bean Medium Roast. Right now, you can grab a 32-ounce bag for around $12 when you clip the on-page coupon and check out with Subscribe & Save. According to several customer reviews, this is comparable to Dunkin’ Donuts Medium Roast, which goes for about $6.50 per 12-ounce bag right now at Walmart. Although it’s rated 3.8/5 stars, more than half of Amazon shoppers who have reviewed the AmazonFresh Donut Cafe Coffee have given it perfect marks, with several calling it “surprisingly good” for the value.

Happy Belly: Nut-based snacks, among other things

For those who like healthy snacks, there’s Happy Belly, which came into existence in 2016. Much of what you’ll find in this Amazon private grocery label will be some variation of trail mix or nuts. However, the line also features peanut butter, Oreo-like cookies, vinegar, mustard, and coffee creamer. Quite random, indeed.

What’s worth buying?

You can score a 44-ounce bag of Happy Belly Fancy Whole Cashews for $19 after a Subscribe & Save discount. A smaller 33-ounce tub of the similar Planters Fancy Whole Cashews goes for about $14 at Walmart stores, making the former a better bang for your buck. The reviews are positive for Happy Belly, too, with a 4.2/5 star rating from over 350 customers. Comments include that for the price, these cashews are “high quality” and have “just the right amount of salt.” Few have lamented receiving bags with broken cashews, however.

Wickedly Prime: Foodie-level flavors

There is no question that Wickedly Prime is an Amazon entity; the logo even incorporates the characteristic smile found on Amazon’s delivery parcels! Wickedly Prime launched in late 2016. Unlike Happy Belly, it features a broader range of snacks, as well spreads and even pasta. Wickedly Prime’s offerings tend to give off that artisanal vibe, with unorthodox flavors that would resonate with the foodie crowd. The Prime portion of the name is important to keep in mind, as it indicates that these products are only available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

What’s worth buying?

Wickedly Prime has an answer to Nutella in its Cocoa Truffle Spread. You can buy two 13-ounce jars of regular or salted with caramel flavors from $9 after on-page coupon right now. Sure, you can get a 13-ounce jar of Nutella for $3.50 at Walmart. But what if you don’t like hazelnut, or are just in the mood for something different? With a 4.2/5 star rating, customers say the Wickedly Prime Cocoa Truffle Spread isn’t like Nutella at all, which is a good thing according to many. Someone has even dubbed it “the duct tape of food” because “there’s nothing it can’t do.”

Whole Foods & its private label brands

These aren’t Amazon’s private labels, per se, but we figured it’d also be good to include the brands from the Amazon-owned grocer that can currently be purchased online in addition to at Whole Foods retail locations.

365 Everyday Value

365 Everyday Value is Whole Foods’ value label. Currently on Amazon, over 500 grocery items are available for purchase via Prime Pantry.

Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee became a part of the Whole Foods family of brands in 1997. Amazon direct has a few ground coffee flavors available via its Prime Pantry service. Most Allegro items listed are sold via third-parties and fulfilled by Amazon.

Whole Foods Market

If you’re not in the vicinity of a Whole Foods retail location, Amazon has nearly 200 Whole Foods Market-branded items for your perusal. Fortunately, a bulk of these goods aren’t bound by the Prime Pantry requirement. However, don’t expect to find items for your pantry in this selection. Most of Amazon’s WFM offerings are either vitamins or soap. (You will find some seasonings sprinkled within, however, No pun intended.)

We didn’t forget about Solimo!

Solimo, which is currently Amazon’s largest private-label grocery brand, was featured in its own post. Whether you’re looking for pasta sauce, trash bags, or treats for your dog, Solimo has you covered (and can save you money, to boot).

What does the future hold for Amazon private-label groceries?

Amazon shows no sign of stopping its expansion into other facets of consumerism. What once was purely a marketplace to buy books — remember those days? — Amazon has become not only a behemoth of an online retailer, but also a manufacturer of its own wares. Amazon is clearly finding more ways to ingrain itself into the daily minutiae of shoppers. (Consider Alexa devices and all they can do, for starters.)

The fact that some of the above grocery labels have dipped their toe into other categories — like coffee brand AmazonFresh and its olive oil — makes us wonder if Amazon is planning to expand those offerings even more, if not within those respective labels but with new ones altogether.

Now over to you…

What do you think of Amazon’s ever-growing list of private labels? Have you ever bought products from any of the Amazon brands listed above? Share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments.

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