XGIMI Halo review: My new favorite portable projector [Video]

Portable projectors are a great way to take your favorite movies and shows with you. Depending on budget and size limitations, there are some great options for a variety of scenarios. The XGIMI Halo is kind of in the middle with an $800 price point compared to other smaller portable projectors, but with a bright 1080p image, Harman Kardon audio, and smart control via Android TV 9.0, it’s a great addition to an outdoor adventure or even a living room. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 


Measuring at 4.5 x 5.7 x 6.75 inches and weighing about 3.5lbs, the XGIMI Halo features a sleek black and grey colorway. A mesh grill around most of the body can both cover the speakers and allow for cooling the system. On the front are the lens and an autofocus camera, while on top, we have some controls like volume up and down as well as the play/pause button. 

On the bottom of the projector is a threaded mount for placing the projector on a tripod or a similar stand. There is also a little kickstand that can place the XGIMI Halo at a higher angle if needed. 

Ins and outs

All of the inputs and outputs are located on the back of the XGIMI Halo. From left to right, there is the DC power in, a 3.5mm headphone out, an HDMI in, a USB port, and the power button. 

XGIMI Halo: Image quality

Spec-wise, the XGIMI Halo is packing a 1080p image at up to 800ANSI lumens. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the Nebula Capsule II at 200ANSI lumens, and the upgrade in brightness with the Halo is very impressive. In a bright room, depending on where you have the projector placed and how large the projected image is, you might see it washed out, but in a dim room, the XGIMI Halo looks great. 

XGIMI Halo: Video

XGIMI Halo: Image correction

Halo features autofocus to make sure that the image is always as sharp as can be, and for the most part, it worked very well. The projector can detect movement and will adjust the image to make sure it remains in focus. Sometimes it seemed like it was doing this too often and would occasionally drift out of focus and then correct itself, but for the most part, it kept the image clear. 

It also takes more time and is more distracting than the autofocus feature on the Nebula Capsule II. But as long as your not moving the XGIMI Halo often, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the focus very much. 

In addition to autofocus, the Halo features automatic vertical keystone adjustment. Once again, when the projector detects movement or it is powered on, it will get itself to the best angle for viewing on your surface. 

Halo takes this correction to the next level, though, with a manual horizontal keystone adjustment. With this setting, the projector can be positioned up to 40 degrees off to the side and then, using the four-point adjustment tool, the image can be tweaked to show perfectly from this angle. While it may partially reduce the brightness and sharpness due to only utilizing a portion of the lens, this opens up a whole new world of where you can place the projector. 

Android TV 9.0

When connected to Wi-Fi, Android TV makes for an easy way to play media from almost all of your favorite streaming services. We found it easy to watch the Olympics on Peacock, Curious George on PBS Kids, and catch the latest Jimmy Fallon episodes on Hulu. 

Netflix is another story and requires a workaround, but XGIMI includes a FAQ sheet that lays out a few different options for playing Netflix shows on the Halo. 

The Halo is speedy when navigation menus and even has Google Assistant built into the remote. So rather than typing in a long show name to search for it, you can call up Google Assistant and just request your favorite show or look for the right app. 


My family and I have been really enjoying this XGIMI Halo. We recently moved and haven’t decided how we’re going to handle media in our living room yet. The Halo has been the perfect way to play the Olympics and kids’ shows throughout the day above our fireplace while we get settled. And the fact that it has the four-point keystone correction lets us keep it out of the way while fitting our space perfectly. 

Harman Kardon Audio

As a portable projector, the XGIMI Halo has a pretty decent built-in sound as well. Dual 5W Harman Kardon speakers provide great audio while on the go, though when you are at home, you may way want to connect the projector to a stereo system or soundbar to get the most theater-like experience. 

Battery Life

With the built-in battery, Halo can last for around three hours before it needs a charge. That should be enough to get through most movies, but if you need more juice, you could always bring along a portable power station

The projector can be used when plugged in, but you will want to unplug it occasionally and let the battery wear down some to try and preserve the internal battery. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Thanks to the bright and sharp image, easy Android navigation, and four-point keystone correction, the XGIMI Halo has been my favorite portable projector that I’ve tried so far. At $800, it is an investment over more affordable options, but it can also replace a TV thanks to the bright projection and four-point adjustment.

If you’re looking for an affordable portable projector, check out the Vankyo GO300. If you intend on doing a lot of gaming, be sure to check out the low-latency BenQ TH685.

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