Review: HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless ticks all of the boxes for a great gaming headset [Video]

Cutting the cord on the pro model headset, the new HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless keeps a lot of the same features but adds massive battery life reaching up to 300 hours. Coming in at $200, this simple headset doesn’t innovate, but it does everything it’s supposed to really well. It might be my new favorite wireless gaming headset. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 


While it’s completely functional, one of the only areas I feel the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless is behind the competition is in design. It’s simple, but it just looks dated. With more modern shapes from competitors like Corsair, it’d be nice to class things up a bit. However, HyperX makes up for it with the rest of the headset.


For controls, HyperX keeps things simple on the Cloud Alpha Wireless. On the left earcup, we have a status light, power button, mic mute button, USB-C port, and a port for the detachable microphone. 

Over on the right earcup is a single volume dial that adjusts system volume. It’s simple and easy to find.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless nails comfort

HyperX also nails it where it counts for comfort. The large ear cups comfortably sit on my ears. There is the slightest bit of contact at the top of my ears with the driver cover, but because it is a little padded, it doesn’t irritate my ears at all. That’s a big issue I had with the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT as well as the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 and 150

The leatherette cover on the ear cushions can get a little warm, but they do a great job of knocking out background noise for some passive noise cancellation. 

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless: Video

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless: How does it sound? 

With massive 50mm drivers, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless delivers a massive 15Hz – 21kHaz frequency response. Beyond that, HyperX is using a dual-chamber design that separates bass frequencies from mids and highs for increased clarity without being muddy. 

And in practice, they sound really good. Clarity, punch, positioning – all of the things that are needed for a good gaming headset are here. With the stock EQ, everything is pretty even with healthy bass, but it isn’t overwhelming. Mids are also relatively untouched and high and remain crisp and clear without ever getting harsh. 

Overall it’s a relatively flat sound. Bass has plenty of presence, but it isn’t overwhelming as gaming headsets can often be. This makes it great for competitive gaming.

I never heard any static or digital noise when listening to the Cloud Alpha Wireless. Occasionally there was an audio pop but it wasn’t something I could recreate. It was infrequent and random but obnoxious when it did happen. 

HyperX NGenuity app

If you want to crank up the punch a bit, the HyperX NGenuity app has built-in presets, but you can also create your own EQ profiles. There isn’t universal control of frequencies, and the app doesn’t give an indication of how much a frequency range is being boosted or cut, but there is quite a bit of control in there. Surprisingly, it’s easy to push the sound too far and get some distortion when really pumping up the low-end. 

The gaming preset emphasizes mid-range frequencies that are often important for picking up in-game audio cues. For me, I opted for keeping the EQ off most of the time. The natural sound of these headphones is exceptional. These are great for both gaming and listening to music. 

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless: Mic check

HyperX has even nailed it with the microphone. It is a little bit on the thin side like most microphones are beside the HS80 from Corsair, but it does a great job of knocking out background and only picking up voices. When typing on a loud keyboard near the headset, the microphone cut all keyboard noise when I wasn’t talking. That’s pretty impressive. It’s also easy to move around and position in the perfect place. 

Mic monitoring can be enabled, but sadly there isn’t any way to control how much audio gets piped back into the headphones. 

9to5Toys’ Take

The only thing I can really knock the Cloud Alpha Wireless on is that it doesn’t have the utility of other wireless headsets. There is no 3.5mm port and no BlueTooth. It’s solely a 2.4 wireless headset. So while it will work on PC and PS4/5, there’s nothing there for Xbox gamers, and you can’t take it mobile with you away from your gaming battlestation.

Otherwise, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless knocks it out of the park. This might be my new favorite wireless gaming headset. The immense battery life means recharges are few and far between. The audio is simply sublime. It’s comfortable and feels light making long gaming sessions comfortable. I would have loved to see it cheaper though. $200 is a lot to pay and puts it up against some competition that has more features. But, if a wireless headset that does everything it should really well is what you’re after, the Cloud Alpha Wireless absolutely delivers. 

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