Update 2-12-14 12:00PM: We’ve updated the Amiibo list to flag the seven Wave 3B Amiibos that are hitting stores on February 13. Also, we added Wave 4 (Super Mario Bros.) series Amiibos arriving March 20, 2015, along with the Wave 5 Super Smash Bros. characters coming in Spring 2015!

Nintendo’s interactive Amiibo figurines have rapidly become the surprise hit toys of the 2014 holiday season. Cool on their own, they can also use NFC wireless to interact with select Wii U (and future Nintendo 3DS) games, storing their own experience points, leveling up over time, and unlocking in-game bonuses. Unusual defects in some of the original “Wave 1” figures – notably including a super-rare two-cannoned Samus – are leading to crazy high eBay prices for certain characters, and prices are starting to go up for Wave 2 and Wave 3 Amiibos. Six of the Wave 3 figures are just hitting stores now, and Wave 4 preorders have opened for mid-March debuts of new Super Mario Bros. series characters.


We’ve put together this quick guide to spotlight currently available, announced, and discontinued Amiibo figures, as well as Amiibo-compatible games, so that you can get your hands on the early and increasingly rare figures while they’re still available. Many people are already trying to collect them all, and Nintendo has deliberately made certain figures only in small quantities, vowing not to restock them after their first “wave” sells out. If you’re a collector, now’s a good time to grab as many Amiibos as possible. Amazon offers free shipping via Amazon Prime (get a 30-day free trial), or if you’re buying several Amiibos together; otherwise, free shipping via Target might be a better deal for you.


Mario Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 1 – Available Link Series: The Legend of Zelda Status: Wave 1 – Available Pikachu Series: Pokemon Status: Wave 1 – Available Kirby Series: Kirby Status: Wave 1 – Available


Samus Series: Metroid Status: Wave 1 – Available (Princess) Peach Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 1 – Available Donkey Kong Series: Donkey Kong/Country Status: Wave 1 – Available Fox (McCloud) Series: Star Fox Status: Wave 1 – Available


Marth Series: Fire Emblem Status: Wave 1 – Discontinued Villager Series: Animal Crossing Status: Wave 1 – Discontinued Wii Fit Trainer Series: Wii Fit Status: Wave 1 – Discontinued Yoshi Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 1 – Available


(Princess) Zelda Series: The Legend of Zelda Status: Wave 2A – Available Luigi Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 2B – Available Diddy Kong Series: Donkey Kong Country Status: Wave 2A – Available Captain Falcon Series: F-Zero Status: Wave 2B – Available


Little Mac Series: Punch-Out!! Status: Wave 2A – Available Pit Series: Kid Icarus Status: Wave 2B – Available


Mega Man Series: Mega Man Status: Wave 3B (Feb 13-20) Toon Link Series: The Legend of Zelda Status: Wave 3B (Feb 13-20) Bowser Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 3 Sheik Series: Legend of Zelda Status: Wave 3B (Feb 13-20)


Sonic Series: Sonic the Hedgehog Status: Wave 3B (Feb 13-20) Ike Series: Fire Emblem Status: Wave 3B (Feb 13-20) King Dedede Series: Kirby Status: Wave 3B (Feb 13-20)


Lucario Series: Pokemon Status: Wave 3 (Toys R Us Exclusive) Shulk Series: Xenoblade Chronicles Status: Wave 3B – GameSpot exclusive) Meta Knight Series: Kirby Status: Wave 3B (Best Buy Exclusive) Rosalina (& Luma) Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 3 (Target Exclusive)


Toad Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 4 – Pre-Order (Mar. 20, 2015) Luigi (Ver. 2) Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 4 – Pre-Order (Mar. 20, 2015) Yoshi (Ver. 2) Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 4 – Pre-Order (Mar. 20, 2015) Bowser (Ver. 2) Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 4 – Pre-Order (Mar. 20, 2015)


Wario Series: WarioWare Status: Coming Spring, 2015 Ness Series: Earthbound Status: Coming Spring, 2015 Mario (Ver. 2) Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 4 – Pre-Order (Mar. 20, 2015) Peach (Ver. 2) Series: Super Mario Bros. Status: Wave 4 – Pre-Order (Mar. 20, 2015)


Pac-Man Series: Pac-Man Status: Coming Spring, 2015 Robin Series: Fire Emblem Status: Coming Spring, 2015 Lucina Series: Fire Emblem Status: Coming Spring, 2015 Charizard Series: Pokemon Status: Coming Spring, 2015

We suggest that you check the following stores if the Amiibo you’re looking for isn’t available: Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart.

Available and Announced Wii U Games With Amiibo Support:


To use an Amiibo as a Wii U character or for Wii U powerups, you touch the base of the figure to the Wii U Gamepad during one of the following supported games. Nintendo is also building Amiibo support directly into new versions of the Nintendo 3DS that are coming to the U.S. in 2015, and will offer a wireless adapter for older 3DS and 2DS systems as well.


Super Smash Bros (regularly $60, get it for $59 here) What Can Amiibo Do: Train, fight + level-up Amiibo-based characters.


Hyrule Warriors (regularly $60, get it for $48 here) What Can Amiibo Do: Use Link Amiibo to get a special Spinner weapon, and use Zelda Amiibo to get a 3-star or better weapon.


Mario Kart 8 (regularly $60, get it for $52 here) What Can Amiibo Do: Get special Amiibo-specific costumes for your Mii character to race in.


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (regularly $40), find it new (or used for $35) here What Can Amiibo Do: Access a special hide-and-seek challenge in each stage, as new character Pixel Toad appears to make you hunt him down.


Mario Party 10 (regularly $60, pre-order now; pre-order here with new Mario Amiibo bundle) What Can Amiibo Do: Unlock in-game bonus content with any Amiibo; read and write to Super Mario Bros. series Amiibos, who can be used as game pieces and get bonuses, including different bases.


Yoshi’s Woolly World (regularly $60, pre-order now) What Can Amiibo Do: Not yet announced, but Amiibo support will be in the game.


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (regularly $60, pre-order now) What Can Amiibo Do: Earn special power-ups using the Kirby, Meta Knight, or King Dedede Amiibo figures.


Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. (regularly $40, pre-order now)

What Can Amiibo Do: Fire Emblem characters Marth, Ike, Robin, and Lucina can be added to the S.T.E.A.M. team on New Nintendo 3DS XL, using their special weapons.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (regularly $40, pre-order now)

Unlock hidden music and art assets within the game using tokens earned by tapping the Shulk Amiibo to the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

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