Bluelounge uses its sense of style and design creativity to make unique gadgets. I’ve long been a fan of their ingenious iMac USB port extender and CableBox cord organizer.

The company’s latest product, called Portiko, reimagines bulky extension cords with a simple style, added versatility, and a couple tricks:


There are tons of extension cords and surge protectors with built-in USB ports, but not many handle such a mundane task with as much style as Portiko. Bluelounge’s all-new extension cord has a small 45-degree angled plug so it doesn’t block both wall power outlets. At the end of its 6-ft extension cord is a small, rounded power block with two 110V outlets and two USB ports.


Portiko can be magnetically mounted on a wall or desk with the included metal plate, which should help reduce desk clutter or provide a convenient home for it while not in use. A crevasse on the top of the power block acts as a holding spot for cord slack. It’s available in blue or white and really has a slick design when compared to the old school style of similar products.

Order Portiko for $24.95 from Amazon or

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