Today’s Amazon Gold Box features a variety of highly-rated Irwin tools from $7. You’ll find deals on vice grips, drill sets and more. All of today’s items are available at Amazon all-time lows. Free shipping is available for Prime members or in orders of $49+.

Our top-pick is the IRWIN VISE-GRIP C-Clamp for $7.10. This is a part of Amazon’s add-on program, so you’ll need to pad your order to $25 to lock-in this discounted pricing. It usually sells for between $11-$14 and is rated 4.2/5 stars. This is the best-selling product of its kind at Amazon. Features include wide-opening jaws, heat-treated steel and more.

IRWIN VISE GRIP Locking C-Clamps have a 6″ jaw capacity and swivel pads for securely clamping a variety of shapes without marring clamped materials. The classic guarded trigger release provides maximum locking force on these sturdy heat-treated, alloy steel clamps. With their classic guarded trigger release, IRWIN The Original Locking C-Clamps provide maximum locking force for exceptional performance.


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