Review: Logitech’s Z537 Speaker System gives your Mac the audio it deserves [Video]

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In early April Logitech unveiled its Z537 Bluetooth 2.1-Ch. Speaker System as the latest addition to its audio lineup. Since that time, I’ve been using it as a supplement to my MacBook Pro in hopes of beefing up my music and gaming experience. At $130 it comes in at a higher price tag than other desktop speaker systems you’ll find at Amazon, but it aims to make up for it with more power, and an attractive design…

Out of the Box

One of the reasons that I love Logitech is that it puts a focus on simple packaging. The Z537 speakers continue that trend with just four pieces that quickly connect together. There are two upright speakers, the subwoofer and a remote control pod. Each piece is connected with included wires, which continues to be a typical requirement on most desktop audio systems.

Setup is rather straight forward, as I mentioned above. The two monitors get plugged into the subwoofer, which acts as a brain of sorts for the system. Logitech includes a remote control puck that actuates power and Bluetooth connectivity, which also gets a hardwire connection in as well.

From there, users have three main options for connecting the system to an audio source. The Z537 system has a built-in Bluetooth radio, but also supports 3.5mm and RCA inputs.



The look of Logitech’s Z537 speaker system is arguably one of my favorite parts of this product. The matte finish combined with rich bronze accents is just a classy look. It goes along nicely with my Space Gray MacBook Pro and doesn’t compete for attention.

Usually I’m a fan of keeping the grilles on my speakers but that was not the case here. In fact, it’s not even an option. The added color makes it feel more refined than the usual rougher materials you find under most grilles.

The subwoofer stands about twice as tall as the speakers themselves. It does have a cover that isn’t removable and it houses all of the wired connectivity on the back. There’s not much in the way of likes or dislikes here, it’s a subwoofer and it does the job.

Remote Control Pod

Logitech often includes a wired remote control for its speakers and the Z537 continues that tradition. It’s nice to have a way to handle volume levels without depending on the software side of your Mac. Having the physical dial feels like you have more control over more the exact volume level you prefer. I use a Das Keyboard for my iMac that houses a similar dial, so Logitech’s inclusion here is right up my alley.

You’ll also find the Bluetooth pairing button on this remote pod. An LED light communicates whether or not your system is paired. A press of the button makes the light blink, and once you have paired the system the light changes to a solid blue.

Admittedly, it would be a nice touch if this was a wireless remote. But that would mean managing another set of batteries. I’m pretty much tapped out in that area at this point. I get it. Keeping it wired ensures quality control but having another cable run across my desk isn’t ideal. Far from a deal breaker, but this certainly would’ve been an interesting option to have included.


As with every speaker review, the experience I have with any audio device is going to be different from yours. What I can say, without a doubt, Logitech’s Z537 system is far superior to my iMac or MacBook’s speakers. That’s no surprise. The physical limitations of Apple’s design are a worthwhile trade-off for the attractive design in my eyes. But if you’re wanting to go next level, investing in third-party speakers is a wise choice.

Having a dedicated subwoofer is also worth noting, too. There are plenty of desktop speaker systems out there on Amazon for a fraction of Logitech’s price. But we can just about guarantee that those options won’t deliver the same low-end response that you’ll find here.

The Z537 is a multi-use system that responds well whether you’re playing a shooter, enjoying YouTube clips or listening to your favorite tunes. It’s not going to standout like some of the dedicated monitors we’ve featured in the past, but there’s no complaints on my end about quality here.


At $130, Logitech’s speakers fall right in between budget options and higher-end systems on the market today. I think it would be more attractive to consumers if priced at the magical $99.99 spot, but the value and design makes it worth the extra few dollars. Overall, this is an excellent way to improve your MacBook’s audio or simply upgrade a gaming setup.

Logitech gets high marks from us for both quality of materials and design. As I noted above, the matte finish is a personal favorite of mine. And the included subwoofer provides an extra boost for your music or games. Overall, it’s tough to go wrong with the Z537 speaker system.

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