Review: Bosch Green Beam Laser Level makes any task faster and more accurate


I like new tools. In particular, tools that make doing a job faster or easier, which is why I was so excited when I got the Bosch Professional GL 100 G laser level. No more fooling around with a box level in one hand and a pencil in the other, trying desperately to create a line as close to vertical or horizontal as possible.

The laser level creates both horizontal and vertical beams, so DIYers can easily hang pictures on the wall, install shelving, curtain rods, or hang wallpaper while more experienced folks can install trim, cabinets, tile, gutters, or siding. The exceedingly particular among us can wander around checking to see if everything is plumb and level. I found that my 1865 house is remarkably good in both areas (kudos to the craftsmen!).

The Bosch Professional GLL 100 G laser level comes with many amazing accessories. It comes neatly packed in a hard carrying case with molded storage compartments and padding to keep everything in place. Included with the level are 3 AA batteries, a Positioning Device and a Green Laser Target Plate. The Target Plate makes the beam stand out more, making it easier to see. The Positioning Device has a clever design that allows you to attach the level in multiple ways; it is a spring clamp, it also has a hole so that it can be hung from a nail or, because it’s magnetized, hang it from any magnetic metal such as a steel stud or a (non stainless steel) refrigerator.

Setting up the level for use is quite simple; install the batteries, put the level where you want it, and turn it on.  The beam will blink on and off if it’s not able to level itself, which results from being too far off of level (+/- 4 degrees).  In this case, manually adjust the position of the level until the beam stops blinking.  The Positioning Device has a micro adjustment feature allows for fine tuning of the location of the horizontal beam.

The Bosch Professional GLL 100 G laser level uses green laser technology, which is up to 4X easier to see than a standard red laser and has a longer useful range of up to 100 ft. This makes it very effective in bright conditions and in larger rooms and hallways. It projects a horizontal and a vertical beam, either separately or together. The cross pattern is great for finding dead center of a horizontal line on a wall, with the help of a tape measure, so pictures and mirrors can be hung perfectly.

In unlocked mode the tool is self-leveling as long as you are within 4 degrees of level. In locked mode the tool can be positioned manually to match a desired slope. In this mode, as well as the OFF mode, the internal pendulum is locked in place to prevent damage.

One accessory that I recommend is a quality tripod, which, in addition to what the Positioning Device does, allows you to rotate the level to maintain the same horizontal line for jobs where you may be installing on more than one wall in the same room, such as pictures, curtain rods or even drywall.

This level has performed beautifully in my several months of using it. The horizontal beam made it easier to align side-by-side pictures on the wall, towel bars in the bathroom, and cabinets in the kitchen. The vertical beam helped with installing new doors and frame stud walls.  Using both beams together helped guide the installation of ceramic tile in a bathroom and to hang wood siding outdoors where the red laser was completely invisible. It is so spot-on level that I actually had a client ask me to come back to re-hang her mantel so that it would match the slight slope of her hearth and ceiling. True story!

The bottom line is that the Bosch Professional GLL 100 G laser level makes many leveling tasks easier, faster, and more accurate.  In many cases it will take the place of my standard levels. I highly recommend it as a great addition to your toolbox!

The level and accessories with the hard carrying case are available at Acme Tools for $229 shipped. The same level and accessories with a soft case are available as GL 100 GX at Home Depot and Lowe’s.


  • VisiMax™ technology – provides maximum line visibility in standard working conditions
  • Bright green-beam laser — up to 4X brighter than standard red beams
  • Easy-to-use laser setup modes – projects vertical, horizontal and cross lines
  • Versatile job layout – lines can be projected separately or together for a variety of level and alignment applications
  • Smart Pendulum System – allows tool to self-level, and it indicates out-of-level condition
  • Secure laser transport – after switching off, pendulum is locked
  • Simple keypad operation – easily select among the layout modes
  • BM3 Positioning Device – provides fast setup and microfine height adjustment
  • Sturdy over-molded construction – for protection against dust and water (IP54)

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