I remember when the first Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch came out and it had that huge camera hump, I loved to take pictures with it (no matter how bad the quality.) Looking back on that now, I honestly never thought I’d want another smartwatch with a camera, but after seeing Arrow’s concept-turned-reality from Indiegogo, I could really see myself putting this to use…

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Arrow built a beautifully designed smartwatch that works with¬†both iPhone and Android with a very unique feature, a 360-degree rotatable 1080P HD camera. No, this isn’t a 360-degree camera like the ones that take round pictures, but a camera that rotates around the bezel of the watch so you can take a picture or video from any angle. Starting at just $150, it’s already a great price for a good smartwatch without this stand-out feature.¬†Giving you 8GB of internal storage, you can really store as many pictures or videos as you can take before tethering to your phone and transferring them over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to free up local space on the watch.

Arrow comes with a 5MP / 1080P camera that’s optically stabilized to help take better pictures. How they built optical stabilization into a camera this small is beyond me, but makes the watch a whole lot more interesting!

The developers behind Arrow claim around 20 hours of mixed use out of the 400mAh battery, and with the OLED display, I could truly see this being possible. Arrow runs “Arrow Wear OS” which is built off of Android 5.1 according to the company. It features Bluetooth LE 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, has 8GB of internal storage, and uses standard 24mm watch straps.

Arrow also features fitness tracking, GPS navigation, phone call pass-through, notification viewing, and even replying to messages without having to pick up your phone. This unique smartwatch will also allow you to sync media locally to it to use without a connection, or control your favorite streaming service from your phone with the watches interface so you never have to pull your phone out of your pocket when going out on a run.

All in all, Arrow is an exciting smartwatch for me. The smartwatch market has long been stale without proper innovation, so I’m glad to see someone actually taking a risk on a new idea. Arrow is already over 800% funded of their goal, and starts at a really good price of just $150, $170 if you want leather, and $190 if you want metal for the band. They also sell the bands individually, if you want to snag a few extra to go with any outfit you might wear. Sadly, Arrow is not fully water-proof, but it is IP65 rated, meaning that it is dust and splash resistant. The developers behind Arrow expect it to ship around February 2018.

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