Yeti Touch is a tray that helps speed up kitchen prep by cutting defrosting time in half

We’ve all been there before, preparing for a big family dinner when you go to grab the turkey, only to find out it was never defrosted. So, you rush to get the turkey out, run it under water, wait, leave it in a bag in hot water, er, there’s nothing really to do.

Frozen meat like that takes so long to defrost that if you forget to do it, you’re really just out of luck. There is no good way of defrosting meat fast, sadly. This new defrosting tray claims that it can defrost a frozen steak in 10-12 minutes, while normal defrosting time would be 25+ minutes. Frozen chicken? Well, Yeti Touch also claims that it can defrost that in 14-16 minutes versus the normal 30 minutes required.

That’s right, Yeti Touch can defrost foods up to 2x as fast as normal methods, saving you time in the kitchen, and potentially from bitter heartache from accidental mishaps. This unique defrosting pan has a capture tray underneath it so the water has somewhere to go. This capture tray can even double as a cutting board once the food is cooked so you can keep just one thing in your kitchen to do the job of many items.

The capture tray has to be one of my favorite parts of the Yeti Touch. I’ve defrosted several things, either on the counter in a plastic bag or on a plate, and there’s always unwanted water left over. This unwanted water can cause the meat to get soggy or leave a huge mess, so this tray keeps that from happening. it also means that the meat isn’t sitting in cold water, so this helps it defrost faster, too.

Yeti Touch is made from an Aero-aluminum tray with an enamel coating, so it fully meats FDA standards. Because of this, you know that you’ll be safe when using Yeti Touch for food preparation.

This unique defrosting tray can also double (triple?) as a serving tool, as the sides and handles can fold up when you’re not using it as a cutting board. This makes it super easy to use one tool to defrost, chop, and serve, saving time, space, and money.

Yeti Touch is really aiming to become the one-stop shop when it comes time to defrost things. Using older methods of defrosting, like the counter, water, or microwave, can sometimes be hazardous to one’s health. When using something like the microwave to defrost your meats, you not only unevenly thaw it but also partially cook it in the process. Yeti Touch can help change that by evenly defrosting your meats right on your counter in just a matter of minutes.

You can back Yeti Touch on Kickstarter right now starting at $34, which is 32% off the retail price of $50. Shipping is slated to start in May 2018, so you do have a few months to wait. But, it should arrive just before those outdoor BBQ’s start taking place.

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