If you are melting in this summer heat, the evaSMART EV-3000 could be your lifeline. This smart air conditioner creates a cool bubble of air around your desk or in your bedroom, providing instant relief. You can get it now for just $192 (Orig. $256) at 9to5Toys Specials.

While desktop fans simply blow hot air around, the evaSmart actually makes the temperature drop. In fact, this device can cool the air around you to 60°F. You can control the device from your smartphone, or ask for some cool air via Amazon Alexa.

In addition, the EV-3000 filters out dust particles and helps to raise the humidity. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, this can make a huge difference.

You can use the evaSmart virtually anywhere around your home or workspace. You don’t even need to be near a wall socket — the air conditioner can run on USB power. It works particularly well on your nightstand, where it doubles as a multi-colored light.

It’s normally $256, but you can get the evaSmart EV-3000 now for $192.