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March brought with it a collection of new LEGO creations, and today we’re taking a look at the newest pair of Star Wars Microfighters. Delivering two Hoth-themed builds, the latest addition to the collection arrives with miniature AT-AT and Tauntaun complete with two Original Trilogy minifigures. But is the 205-piece creation worth adding to your collection? Head below for a closer look and all of our thoughts on the new LEGO Hoth Microfighters.

Hands-on with the new LEGO Hoth Microfighters

The latest pair of Microfighters joining the LEGO Star Wars collection enter as a pair of Hoth-focused creations straight out of Empire Strikes Back. This 205-piece kit assembles both a Tauntaun and AT-AT, which each come with a fitting minifigure and some accessories.

While we’ve seen miniature versions of the Imperial walker at this scale before, this is in fact the first Microfighter version of the iconic creature from the snow planet. And similarly to the uniqueness of each build, these aren’t crafted with equal quality, either.

Let’s start with the better of the two LEGO Hoth Microfighters. The Tauntaun is expertly crafted and enters with about all of the details you could hope for. Even though we’re talking about a Microfighter here, the build is actually spot on for minifigure scale. While it’s more of a static creation in that the only moving part is a posable tail, you’ll find plenty of inclusions like reins, a saddle, and clips for Luke’s binoculars that all add up to an authentic re-creation of the snow planet steed.

That’s in contrast to the miniature AT-AT which relies more on the typical play features you’d expect. The build on the Imperial side to the LEGO Hoth Microfighters pack isn’t quite as polished as you’ll find from the Rebel end of the equation. Sure, it’s indistinguishable from the source material, but just isn’t as praiseworthy.

It features posable legs and a movable head alongside a cockpit on the back for the included pilot to sit in. The AT-AT here fits more into the typical Microfighter build, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, it just lacks the overall appeal of the minifigure-scale Tauntaun.

Closer look at the minifigures

As with all LEGO Microfighters, the Hoth pair included, minifigures are a big aspect of the experience. This pack in particular includes both Luke Skywalker and an AT-AT pilot who are representing the Rebel Alliance and Empire, respectively. Starting off with the young Jedi, Luke features an all-new torso print that offers the most detailed version of his Hoth gear to date from The LEGO Group. There’s also a molded headpiece that pairs with a goggles piece to really pull off the winter wear look.

The Imperial Pilot on the other hand is not an exclusive, but still a notable inclusion nonetheless. We last saw the character in the comparatively-price AT-AT from last year, and making this one of the less common troopers from the Empire as of late.

Both characters come paired with some fitting accessories ranging from a Lightsaber to binoculars. You’ll also find a pair of Stud Shooters to round out the kit, given that neither of the vehicles have room to naturally incorporate the play feature.

Should you buy the LEGO Hoth Microfighters?

Clocking in at $19.99, the LEGO Hoth Microfighters deliver plenty of value considering everything included in the versus kit. Alongside the 205 pieces that assembles a notable part per dollar value under $0.10 per brick, you’re getting the complete package for re-creating some battles from the Original Trilogy.

9to5Toys’ Take

Microfighters are typically a harder sell for older builders than some of the other more affordable kits out there like BrickHeadz. That was more or less our takeaway from the miniature Millennium Falcon we reviewed earlier in the year, but couldn’t be further from the impression left on the latest pair of builds.

The LEGO Hoth Microfighters deliver plenty of value to any builder at the price point. They’re going to be wonderful for younger builders who can fully enjoy re-enacting scenes from Episode V, as well as for older builders like myself. I personally love that The LEGO Group opted to assemble the Tauntaun at minifigure scale, as it completes the Hoth diorama that has been slowly building up in my collection.

The only downside is that this kit should have launched back in January. Winter weather is on the way out in most parts of the country, which would have been perfect for this Hoth-themed creation. But even if the launch date could have been timed a bit better, that doesn’t take away from how solid of a kit this is.

So at the end of the day, this is certainly worth buying in my book. Even if the AT-AT isn’t as flawless as the Tauntaun, these are some great builds for the price, especially if you have a soft spot for The Empire Strikes Back.

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