Apex Legends Hunted intros Vantage, ready to take sniping to the next level

The current Apex Legends season draws to a close next week, and Hunted takes its places. Out with the old, and in with the… older? That’s right, Kings Canyon is coming back and Skulltown is better than ever. Plus, we’re getting an all-new legend named Vantage that’s sure to take sniping to a new level in Apex Legends Hunted. What other changes are on the horizon? Let’s take a closer look.

Vantage looks to be my next main in Apex Legends

We’ll start with the “Sniper Savant” of Apex Legends, Vantage. Xiomara “Mara” Contreras is the next Legend in Apex and should shake up the long-range aspect of the game quite a bit.

Her passive is Spotter’s Lens, which lets her have extra information when aiming down sights (even with no scope attached). When doing this aim, you’ll see a bullet drop indicator which lets you know exactly where your shots will land. As a sniper main in Apex Legends myself, I love long-range shootouts, but trying to use the fall indicators on the scope to land a shot is never perfectly accurate, so I’m quite excited for Vantage’s passive.

Her tactical ability will let you position your winged companion Echo and then launch toward him. You’ll have to have line of sight for Echo to launch, but once you grab him mid-air, you’ll receive another boost, essentially like an Octane jump pad. This will be a crucial part of Vantage’s kit, I think, as it will let her reposition into the perfect sniper’s nest to take out enemies as they approach.

Onto her ultimate ability, Sniper’s Mark.

When triggered, Vantage will pull out a custom sniper rifle that will mark enemy targets and apply a damage bonus for you and your team. We’re not quite sure where this falls in comparison to the Kraber, but there will be a “damage boost” for sure according to the Apex team.

We’re also going back to King’s Canyon in Apex Legends Hunted, though there’s a lot that’s changed to our beloved map. However, Skulltown is back, and I’m stoked for what that’ll bring to fights. Except it’s not Skulltown anymore, it’s called Relic, which is fitting considering how old the POI is. There’s also a lot of modified areas, like Cage, Hillside, and Relay, as well as rotational changes to help funnel fights and players through various areas.

All that and more (like the Wingman becoming a sniper and the Spitfire joining the ranks of light weapons) is coming to Apex Legends on August 9 when hunted launches.

9to5Toys’ Take

I took a break from Apex for a few months, but recently started playing the game again. It’s the only battle royale that I really enjoy playing, and I’m extremely excited for what’s to come in the latest season. I’m the most anxious to give Vantage a try, given all of her sniper buffs. But the thought of using a light spitfire is also very intriguing, so only time will tell how this season will play out.

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