Review: Wyze Cam OG, OG Telephoto, and Cam Pan v3 bring affordable new features [video]

Last month, Wyze announced three brand-new cameras – the Cam OG, Cam OG Telephoto, and Cam Pan v3. While the OGs are a more affordable return to the basics, the Cam Pan v3 is a complete upgrade over the v2. Be sure to hit the video below to see them in action. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at all three of these new cameras. I’ve been using a Wyze Cam v3 in the past to overlook my front yard from my garage. With the new OG and OG Telephoto, I stacked the new cameras on top of my current setup to see directly how it compares. 

Even having the camera in my hands, at first I was confused about the differences between the new models and the older versions. There is a handy comparison chart from Wyze that outlines those differences, though. 

Mainly, the new cameras are faster – both with time to view the live feed and notification times. That notification delay has been an issue with older Wyze cameras. Typically, even the Wyze Cam v3 can take 30-40 seconds to send a notification to my phone. I like to use the Wyze cameras as a heads-up as to when packages are delivered but that long notification time means that sometimes I was close to missing the delivery person. The new OG and OG telephoto are much faster – at least twice as quick. That can also play a big factor if you are using the Wyze cameras as a pseudo-security system. 

One thing to note here – I do have a Cam Plus subscription for all of these cameras we’re testing. For me, motion notifications are nearly constant without person, car, or even package detection turned on. You can set detection zones and tweak the sensitivity of the detection, but Cam Plus does provide the best experience when it comes to Wyze cameras. 

Without Cam Plus, the cameras can record continuously to an SD card (not included) and save single frames when motion – any motion – is detected. To take full advantage of AI-powered motion detection, a Cam Plus subscription is required. Currently, Cam Plus is priced at $2 per camera per month or $12 a month for unlimited devices. 

Wyze Cam OG, Telephoto, and Cam Pan v3: Video

Wyze Cam OG

First off, we’ll talk about the Wyze Cam OG. Priced at $20 from Wyze (plus shipping) or $30 from Amazon (currently on sale for $26), it’s the most affordable in the camera lineup. 

With an IP65 rating, the wired camera is capable of being used indoors or out without worrying about the weather. Wyze does make battery-powered cameras as well if you don’t want to run a wire to an outdoor mount. 

The boxy camera design is very similar to older Wyze Cameras but has a small 40-lumen spotlight above the lens. It won’t do much to light up a room but at night, the spotlight can also help deter unwanted people around your house.

Additionally, there is a small hot-shoe-like slot for using the stack kit from Wyze that enables another camera to be placed on top. 

It still has an SD card slot for continuous onboard storage and a threaded mount on the bottom. 

The mount is a bit different than the older Cam v3, though. The camera sits higher. The Wyze Cam V3 has a more compact mount, but it can be a little finicky to get positioned perfectly. The OG is simpler, which makes it easier to use but it does have a larger overall footprint because of that.

Moving onto the video specs, the Wyze Cam OG uses a CMOS-Starlight sensor to deliver 1920 x 1080 resolution. The field of view is 121.4°, which is slightly smaller than the 130° of the Cam v3. 

The v3 and the new OG share the same resolution, but the image is slightly different. During the day, the OG has less contrast, which helps to bring out more details in the shadows. 

The detail seems to be very similar – at least when comparing recorded footage on my iPhone 11. Both seem to have significant sharpening applied. I kept going back and forth thinking one was slightly sharper than the other, but in the end, I think they are very similar. 

Wyze Cam OG vs. Cam v3 color night vision

Color Night vision comparison

Like the Cam v3, all of Wyze’s new cameras have color night viewing though in my experience, the OG didn’t do nearly as well at night as the Cam v3. The v3 seemed to handle low light much better with its color image while the OG can’t get the same detail in dark environments.

Likewise, the OG Telephoto struggled at night when compared to the Cam v3. Granted, the front of my house is quite dark at night. There aren’t really any streetlights. But under those same conditions, the image from the v3 was much easier to view.

Wyze Cam OG Telephoto

Speaking of the Telephoto, let’s take a closer look at this new offering in the Wyze lineup. While I enjoy being able to watch my front yard from this angle, it is difficult to really see what is happening at my front door on the v3 and OG. That’s where something like the Wyze Cam OG Telephoto comes in handy. 

Priced at $10 more than the Cam OG, this $30 (plus shipping from Wyze) camera packs a 3x zoom lens for getting a closer look at more specific areas. It’s intended for areas like mailboxes or, in my case, it works well for the front door. 

Thanks to that stacking design, Cam OG Telephoto also works seamlessly with the normal Cam OG. Wyze has even developed a picture-in-picture mode that lets you see feeds from two cameras at once.

The Cam Pan v3

Visually, the $34 Cam Pan v3 is the most different from the old version – the new design can now tilt straight up or down. Additionally, much like the Insta360 Link webcam, the Cam Pan v3 has a privacy mode where the camera will tilt straight down and the video feed will turn off so as to not be able to record any video in a room. 

Cam Pan v2 by Cam Pan v3

One thing I noticed right away is that the camera’s movement is much quieter than the Pan Cam v2, making it a better choice for home monitoring and as a baby monitor. 

The additional range of motion is also a nice upgrade over the older model. Not that I typically need to point the camera directly up, but it opens the door for more possible uses for this camera.

Video quality seems to be on par with the Wyze Cam v3, which is to say, it looks good and does well at night. 

9to5Toys’ Take

All in all, these cameras are a great addition to Wyze’s lineup. The Wyze Cam OG is an affordable camera that can do everything well – it even has a spotlight built in for just $20 (plus shipping), but it isn’t quite as good as the more expensive Cam v3 when it comes to recording at night. 

The Wyze Cam OG Telephoto is a great addition for those who want a close-up view. It might not be necessary for everyone, but having the combo with how I have my camera positioned over my front yard is a nice addition. 

Lastly, the Cam Pan v3 is a great upgrade over the v2. The new design is quieter and more adjustable, and the footage looks just as good as the v3. 

In the scheme of things, Wyze remains a great budget option for those who want a bit of home surveillance. Buyers should be aware as Wyze does have an unfortunate history of security issues, but it’s hard to deny the value for the performance of these new cameras. 

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