Bandai and Disney team up for new R2-D2 Tamagotchi, complete with holochess

R2-D2 Tamagotchi

In Bandai’s continued attempt to restore its pocket monster toy line, here’s the new R2-D2 Tamagotchi. Bandai has now teamed up with the folks at Disney to launch another official crossover version of its nostalgia-inducing virtual pet toy. Pre-orders start this week, with a launch expected closer to holiday season 2021. Head below for more details on the new R2-D2 Tamagotchi. 

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Bandai’s upcoming Millennium Puzzle model kit purposefully ditches the instructions

Update: Now available for pre-order for $43.99 with a stateside release in September.

Today, Bandai is showcasing its latest model kit, this time departing from the Gundam and mecha anime-inspired kits we typically see in favor of yet another iconic series. Bringing the Millennium Puzzle from Yu-Gi-Oh! and into your collection, the unique kit assembles into a life-size replica of the pendant. And to stay true to the anime, Bandai is purposefully leaving out any instructions to make for an even more accurate release. Head below for all of the details on the upcoming Bandai Millennium Puzzle model kit.

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Bandai’s upcoming Unicorn Gundam PG Phenex model kit goes up for pre-order

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Bandai’s popular model kits have been expanding to cover a variety of properties ranging from classic anime series like Evangelion to Pokémon and even Star Wars. But its bread and butter has always surrounded Gundam, and today fans are getting another chance to bring home one of the most sought-after Bandai kits from the past few years, the PG Unicorn Gundam Phenex. Head below for all of the details on the upcoming release and how to lock in your pre-order.

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