New Wave Toys brings retro Coca-Cola vending machines into its 1/6 scale replica lineup

New Wave Toys Coca-Cola

New Wave Toys regualrly releases some of the more novel and downright adorable retro release on the market, and today we’re getting a look at what the newest takes on that will be. Moving away from the compact arcade cabinets that have made the company as popular as it is, New Wave Toys is launching a pair of new vintage Coca-Cola vending machines.

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New Wave’s latest Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair mini arcade machines arrive with pre-order deals

Reg. $170 $150

We just recently took a hands-on look at the 1/16 scale 1942 RepliCades from New Wave Toys, but now it’s time for the brand’s new mini arcade machines. Today out of Los Angeles, New Wave is announcing the latest additions to its growing lineup of collectible and very much playable mini arcade machines with the new Space Ace x RepliCade models and a special edition Dragon’s Lair cabinet. Now up for pre-order with special early discounts, head below for more details. 

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Q*bert joins New Wave Toys’ lineup of popular 12-inch RepliCade cabinets; pre-order now

New Wave Toys has just unveiled its latest 1/6th scale arcade cabinet, bringing Q*bert into its lineup of popular RepliCade releases. Stacking up to 12 inches, the retro release arrives with plenty of authentic details alongside being a fully playable version of the classic game despite its compact size. With pre-orders having just gone live, you’ll want to head below for all of the details on adding this one to your retro gaming collection.

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New Wave Toys launches limited-edition, fully-playable Asteroids Replicade

New Wave Toys has been a favorite here at 9to5 when it comes to retro arcade gaming, and today, the latest addition to its lineup of 1/6th scale cabinets is finally here. Bringing Asteroids to its collection of 12-inch arcade cabinets, the newest Replicade delivers plenty of vintage decals, an enhanced 3.5-inch display for vector graphics, and a fully-playable build. Head below for all of the details on the limited-edition release and how you can score one of the 3,500 Asteroids Replicade until for yourself.

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