Shark brings a self-emptying station to its latest cordless vacuum to keep your home dust free

Shark WandVac Self-Empty System

After launching its latest three-in-one air purifier combos, Shark is now offering the all-new Wandvac Self-Empty System which combines a powerful ultra-lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner with a self-emptying station like those you’d find for robot vacuums. This system is aimed at reducing the amount of dust you’re exposed to when emptying your vacuum to prevent allergy flare-ups and the such and will also charge the vacuum. The Wandvac also can be converted to more easily clean your furniture or reach up high to get those cobwebs. Make sure you keep reading below the fold to learn more about the new Shark Wandvac Self-Empty System.

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Shark’s new 3-in-1 air purifiers combine heating and cooling for small and large rooms alike

While there are plenty of air purifiers, fans, and heaters on the market today, there are few that bundle them all together into one package. Now, Shark is launching two brand new Air Purifier 3-in-1 combo machines that each use True HEPA filters and Clean Sense IQ to keep your home’s air clean. The MAX version is designed for large bedrooms and spaces with up to 1,000-square feet of coverage and the entry-level covering 500-square foot rooms. Keep reading below to learn more about Shark’s new 3-in-1 air purifiers.

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New Shark WANDVAC PRO offers ‘most suction’ in its class, includes a sleek charging dock

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While Dyson was arguably the first company to deliver a battery-powered vacuum that turned heads, it’s far from the only competitive option on the market today. It has become a popular product category, leading brands like Anker and even Wyze to jump on the bandwagon. The latest offering to catch our eye is the powerful Shark WANDVAC PRO. In fact, it’s touted as offering “the most suction of any cordless hand vacuum under 1.5 pounds.” Best of all, it comes with a sleek charging dock that will allow it to blend well in homes, offices, and more. Continue reading to learn more.

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