Today’s mag discounts comes in the form of a 1 year sub to a Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazine bundle for just $10 with free delivery using code “9TO5TOYS”. Men’s Health is regular $45 bringing you a total savings of $40 off the newsstand listing and an additional $20 off the sale price. This bundle puts Women’s Health Magazine at  $45 off the newsstand price and $10 off the sale price. Together, that’s $95 in savings off the newsstand and $30 off the regular sale price of $40.

Other single mag 1 year sub deals include The Atlantic w/ digital access for just $5 (Reg. $60) and Golf Digest w/ digital access for $4.50 (Reg. $48). Use code 9TO5TOYS to redeem these deals as well. DiscountMags only delivers in the US, where it offers free shipping every month, no sales tax and no auto renewals.

Men’s & Women’s Health Bundle 1-year sub: $10 w/ code “9TO5TOYS“ (Reg. $95 newsstand price) – Up to 3 years

More details on each mag below the fold:

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About Men’s Health Magazine:

A lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing men the practical and positive actions that make their lives better, with articles covering fitness, relationships, nutrition, careers, grooming, travel and health issues.

About Women’s Health Magazine:

A lifestyle magazine rooted in health and fitness. Women’s Health is filled with actionable and practical advice that you can use today. For women who want to do more, have more, and be more.

About The Atlantic Magazine:

Founded in 1857, The Atlantic is one of America’s great thought leader magazines. It features ground-breaking articles on politics, social trends, education, literature and arts. Famous for its excellent writing and artistic quality, The Atlantic has won more National Magazine Awards than any other monthly magazine. The Atlantic stories change minds through their fair, unbiased approach and respect for facts. The Atlantic presents the smartest, bravest thinking on the biggest, most important ideas of our time, entertaining readers while stimulating their minds and their civic spirits.

About Golf Digest Magazine:

Improve your game with Golf Digest. Subscribe now to get instruction from the game’s hottest pros – Ernie Els, Justin Leonard, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods. Golf Digest gives you more and better tips than any other golf magazine. In every issue you’ll get two tear-out sections – Basics, a refresher on fundamentals, and Pocket Tips, a review of the issue’s best tips. You’ll also get equipment reviews, America’s greatest 100 golf courses, feature stories, and much more.

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