The turkeys have been eaten, gifts are beginning to be purchased and we’re finally entering the holiday season. For many, the lead up to the winter holidays just isn’t enough on its own, with advent calendars being the go-to way for counting down to the Christmas festivities. While we’ve covered our favorite calendars to help you celebrate in the past, LEGO’s annual releases are always one of the most notable and a huge hit with fans. This year LEGO has opted to introduce 3 different advent calendars, with sets covering the Star Wars, City and Friends themes. And now that December has finally rolled around, we’ll be turning our attention to a galaxy far far away with the Star Wars calendar variant and counting down each day with new minifigures, micro builds, starfighters and more. So you’ll want to make sure and check back each day to see what LEGO has to offer as it rings in the holiday season.

Day 15: Snow Machine

If yesterday’s Snowtrooper wasn’t enough to get you in the winter spirit, today’s advent calendar inclusion is sure to have you thinking of snow. All in all, the seasonal non-Star Wars build is neat little build that is comprised of 19 pieces. Part-wise, the minifigure-scale snow machine isn’t the most diverse and contains mostly red elements. It complements the First Order Snowtrooper well and is a fun model to end the week. 

Day 14: First Order Snowtrooper

In a fitting follow up to yesterday’s snow speeder, today’s advent calendar inclusion unwraps a First Order Snowtrooper. These cold-weather variants of the typical Stormtroopers are featured in The Force Awakens, continuing the theme through an entire week.

Like many of the minifigures included in the calendar, this too has appeared in previous sets, specifically the minifigure-scale version of the snow speeder. That being said, it’s still a really neat figure and an extra Snowtrooper for my collection is always appreciated. Today’s minifigure sports a torso with printing on both sides as well as some fairly intricate leg elements. 

As far as the figure’s head goes, it is the same one included what the First Order Stormtrooper from before. In my book that’s pretty cool for consistency, but I could see some not caring for the decision. 

Day 13: First Order Snow Speeder

Following what just might have been the best build of the calendar, Day 13’s micro First Order Snow Speeder just wasn’t as impressive in comparison. We’ve seen the First Order vehicle in LEGO form before, appearing in the first round of The Force Awakens kits. But today’s advent calendar inclusion makes the first micro incarnation of the ship. 

This isn’t the most eye-catching or instantly recognizable model, and the fact that it only stacks up to 16 pieces doesn’t help its first impressions either. The build is comprised of almost entirely gray elements, with a few darker gray pieces scattered into the mix as well. As far as its inclusion in the Star Wars universe, you may be asking where the snow speeders were in The Force Awakens. Well the vehicle was slated to appear in the film but ultimately didn’t make the cut into its theatrical release. 

While this isn’t one of the best build we’ve seen so far, the snow speeder is by no means the worst either. Interestingly enough, this is the 6th straight model from The Force Awakens, making tomorrows build even more likely to be from a different theme. 

Day 12: Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon may very well be the most iconic and easily recognizable starfighter in the Star Wars universe, so it was to a wonderful surprise that that’s exactly what Day 12 of the advent calendar brings us. 

Han Solo’s transport of choice has most likely seen the most LEGO variants of any other vehicle over the years. There’s been micro models, midi-scale ships, minifigure-sized builds and just recently, a massive one comprised of 7,500 pieces. But despite the ship’s frequently reoccurring nature, its inclusion here in the advent calendar is still warmly welcomed. 

This recreation of the Falcon stacks up to 24 elements and boy does it do the ship justice. Even though the build fits right in the palm of your hand, it’s still instantly recognizable and incorporates noteworthy details from a tiny satellite dish on top and the classic cone-shaped cockpit to a hyperdrive engine and two side-mounted escape pods. Most of the included pieces are grey, as you’d expect to find with the Millennium Falcon, but the final build still results in such a great little model. 

While I’ve had a few favorite models so far, today’s inclusion sets a new high and is clearly the coolest build yet. This marks the 5th Force Awakens build in a row, meaning that’s a solid chance we’ll see a new theme of builds starting tomorrow. 

Day 11: Luggabeast

If the past 6 days of builds from The Force Awakens haven’t been enough for you, today’s unveiling continues the trend with a pretty neat micro Luggabeast. Yup, we’ve return to Jakku one more time. In its debut film, the armored creature assists in BB-8’s capture before being rescued by Rey. We’ve seen the beast recreated with bricks in the past, but today’s advent calendar inclusion is the first time in micro scale. 

As far as the build goes, the micro Luggabeast is definitely a standout model compared to the rest of the little kits we’ve assembled. It is comprised of 20 pieces which are all put to great use in order to create the miniature beast. The included LEGO elements here are noticeably more diverse than the other kits and features blue, a dark tan and gray pieces. 

Alongside its great design and incorporated elements, the Luggabeast is a pretty posable model, something uncommon for the advent calendar’s sets. With movable head and legs, this has stacked up to be one of my favorite creations so far. 

Day 10: Unkar’s Thug

Today’s build takes us back to Jakku and follows up the impressive Rey’s Speeder from yesterday with another Force Awakens minifigure. Appearing in just one set previously, Unkar’s Thug proves to give Rey and Finn quite the bit of trouble as they try to escape the sandy planet at the beginning of the film. 

Despite being the exact same minifigure included in Rey’s Speeder kit, today’s inclusion is yet another chance to add the characters to your lot of figures. And just like with Stormtoopers, there are multiple Unkar’s Thug in the Star Wars universe, meaning the more in your collection the merrier!

The minifigure itself is a well-designed one as that, featuring printing on both sides of his torso as well as decals adorning the legs. The printed patterns are very well done, with an awesome sprinkling of sand covering the figure’s rugged outfit. This is all complete with a grey hood encompassing a menacing face and a pearl gold crowbar.  

In the grand scheme of Star Wars minifigures, this certainly isn’t the most noteworthy character to ever get a LEGO recreation. But thanks to its detailed printing and a relatively limited release, today’s calendar inclusion is a welcomed one. 

Day 9: Rey’s Speeder

With yesterday’s weapon crate build so disappointing, our hopes were high that today’s advent calendar inclusion would be a much cooler model or minifugure. And boy did Day 9 not disappoint! Today we’ve unwrapped a miniature version of Rey’s speeder as seen in The Force Awakens. This marks the second appearance of the vehicle in LEGO form, following 2015’s pretty sweet minifigure-scale kit.  

The micro speeder stacks up to just 19 pieces, making it one of the more complex builds we’ve seen so far. In terms of included elements, Rey’s speeder is comprised of some interesting pieces, most notably the brownish-red bricks on its exterior. While not the largest build we’ve seen so far in the calendar, this is definitely my favorite so far and incorporates details like a transparent cockpit, twin turbojet engines. 

As one of the most iconic vehicles from The Force Awakens, today’s mini model does the design incredible justice. Even with its lower piece-count, the build still captures the speeder’s eye-catching design and is one of the more instantly recognizable inclusions we’ve seen so far. If the rest of the calendar’s builds haven’t been worthy of your collection, today’s sure should be. 

Day 8: Weapon Crate

Following what was a really few solid days of minifigures and micro models, today’s miniature kit stacks up to what is sure to be the least impress build in the calendar. Comprised of just 9 pieces, this is an overall lackluster build that at least arms your new minifigures with some new gear.

The LEGO Star Wars advent calendar has included variations of the weapons crate for some time now. And even though it is expected, that doesn’t make today’s inclusion any better. Hopefully come tomorrow we will see a more enjoyable build.

Day 7: First Order Stormtrooper

Yesterday brought us a pretty cool brick-built First Order transporter as seen in The Force Awakens. And continuing that, today’s surprise is none other than a fearsome Storm Trooper minifigure. While any self-respecting LEGO Star Wars fan will most likely have a variety of Stormtroopers, day 7’s inclusion is still warmly welcomed.

Not much has changed from previous releases of the First Order Trooper, as this is the same design included in the First Order Battle Pack and other recent kits. You’ll find a torso with printing on both the front and back as well as legs with their own set of decals. The minifigure’s helmet is full of detail here too, showcasing the iconic pitch black visor and mouth. Underneath, the Stormtrooper’s head is pretty standard and shows off a pretty aggressive facial expression.

Despite being one of the more frequently-included minifigures in the Star Wars universe, today’s Stormtrooper is a great figure and at the very least, will give someone for your new Resistance Trooper to go head-to-head with.

Day 6: First Order Troop Transporter

The 6th day of builds continues yesterday’s trend of models from The Force Awakens with the introduction of a First Order Transporter. As you probably can guess, the Transporter’s role in the Star Wars universe is to well, transport Stormtroopers. This also marks the first build we’ve seen on the Dark side of the Force, with the first 5 days fitting into the Rebellion or Resistance.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the transporter assemble out of LEGO bricks, as 2015’s line of Force Awakens kits showcased a pretty sweet minifig-scale version. Today’s kit, while tiny in comparison, is the best that the advent calendar has to offer so far and is comprised of 23 (almost entirely grey) pieces. For as scaled down as the Transporter is, the miniature model still manages to nail its defining characteristics.

Unlike the Blaster Cannon from day 4, the Transporter isn’t the most diverse in the elements it’s comprised of. Which is 100% alright in my book, as the micro kit has so much going for elsewhere. Hopefully going forward we’ll get more micro builds this cool!

Day 5: Resistance Trooper Taslin Brance

The 5th day of the calendar has unveiled another minifigure release. And those hoping we’d be moving away from the Rebel’s territory will be thrilled to hear that today’s Resistance Trooper build is straight out of The Force Awakens. Building the minifigure was as straight forward as ever, but finding the identity of this extremely obscure character was a tricky feat in its own right.

The journey lead me to this Reddit thread where the Resistance trooper was identified as Taslin Brance, who has one measly line of dialog in the film: “General, the Republic command—the entire Hosnian system—it’s all-gone.” This marks Major Brance’s first LEGO incarnation, with the minifigure sporting a tan uniform.

While you’ll find printing on both sides of the torso, the legs are a uniform brown. The trooper’s head also features double-sided printing with two expressions; a smirk and an angry face. Some actually may recognize that this is the same element used in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park sets.

The minifigure comes complete with a rifle, but you could always use yesterday’s blaster cannon if you wanted to add some extra firepower. While only the most dedicated Star Wars fans may recognize Taslin, today’s minifigure is still a solid one at that and will make a nice addition to anyone’s figure collection or Resistance army.

Day 4: Blaster Cannon

Now that it’s Monday, we’ll be taking a look at what the fourth day of the calendar has to offer. Sadly today’s model isn’t the most exciting, as day 4 packs a fairly generic blaster cannon. It’s a pretty neat build, but lacks any sort of connection to the Star Wars universe other than being a futuristic-looking weapon.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but compared to the previous 3 days of builds, this is the one I’ve been least excited about. Not every model in the event calendar can be must-have addition to your LEGO collection, but today’s it pretty lack-luster, all things considered. The most redeeming quality here is that the blaster is made of some interesting elements, so it has that going for it at least. But if you’ve got a Stormtrooper in your collection missing a blaster, this heavy duty cannon will be the perfect fit.

Day 3: The Phantom

Following yesterday’s Rebel heroine minifigure, day 3 jumps back to a brick-built model with the micro-scale Phantom ship. As a one person starfighter, the Phantom serves as a short-range shuttle craft for the Ghost and is more suited for combat than the larger vehicle. Today’s build isn’t as packed with distinctive features as the Ghost’s micro-model was, but fans of the series will have no problems identifying the starfighter.

Day 2: Sabine

Day 2 continues the Star Wars Rebels theme and introduces the first minifigure of the calendar. Sabine, a former Mandalorian warrior, joins up with the team of the Ghost bringing her weapons experts on board. As such you’ll find a pretty hefty pistol included alongside the brick-brick Sabine.

The minifigure features both printed torso and leg elements as well a double-sided head featuring two facial expressions. For this festive release, there isn’t much variance in comparison to previously assembled versions of Sabine. In the end this is a solid addition to your minifigure collection.

Day 1: The Ghost

The first day of 2017’s advent calendar is kicked off with a micro starfighter staring in the animated Star Wars Rebels series. Serving as the heroic band of rebel’s base of operations and main means of galactic travel, the starship has a fairly uniform white color scheme. This translates over to its miniature brick-built model quite well, as the Ghost stacks up to 23 primarily white and gray pieces.

The kit maintains the ship’s bulkiness and nails a lot of characteristics that make it instantly recognizable as the Ghost. All-in-all, day one’s build is a pretty sweet little model that even includes details like the ships’ signature accent colors, mini engines and a transparent cockpit.

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