Amazon’s Kindle Oasis has always served as a bit of an oddity in 2018. It’s $250 price tag is mighty steep for a modern-day e-Reader. As if paying that type of premium wasn’t enough, Amazon has today introduced an ‘upgraded’ version in Champagne Gold. So if you want to show off your Kindle enthusiasm, be prepared to pay even more for this new model.

Amazon is asking a total of $280 for the new Champagne Gold version. That jumps up to $300 if you’re looking to skip out on the ads. The reality is, we can’t really recommend spending this type of dough of an e-Reader, particularly one that’s much more about flash than anything else.

If you were hoping for a bump in specs, sorry. You’ll find the same 7-inch display here along with support for Audible and a water-resistant build. You can learn more about Amazon’s latest variation of the Kindle Oasis here. It’s slated to ship on March 22nd in the US for those that jump on the pre-order train.

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