Hands-on: Exclusive minifigures make LEGO’s Imperial Armored Marauder a great value

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Following up the other LEGO kits that just launched at the start of the month from The Mandalorian, we’re now taking a hands-on look at yet another build from the series. Stacking up to nearly 500 pieces, the Imperial Armored Marauder arrives with some exclusive minifigures and quite the noteworthy build. But just how good of a value is the new release? Head below for all of the details.

Hands-on with the LEGO Imperial Armored Marauder

Marking the first time we’ve seen the Imperial Armored Marauder in the LEGO world, the vehicle has been something of a fan-favorite in the expanded side of the Star Wars universe for quite some time. After finally making a debut in The Mandalorian, LEGO fans have now finally recieved an official rendition of the kit complete with some eye-catching figures.

Stacking up to 478 pieces, the set clocks in towards the middle of the summer 2021 LEGO Star Wars lineup. Its $39.99 price point reflects just that, making it one of the more affordable offerings in the latest releases. Of course whether or not it’s a good value is another thing, but that’s what our latest review is aiming to find out.

Given this is the first time we’ve seen the Imperial Armored Marauder in brick-built form, there was quite a large expectation for LEGO to deliver. And by most accounts, the final model certainly gives builders something exciting to add to their collections.

Let’s start with the actual build itself, which utilizes just about all of the included 478 pieces. The model is mainly comprised of light and dark grey bricks, which come together in order to the over 7-inch long vehicle. Most of the sides are covered in studs, which certainly reflects the more affordable price tag on the set; but there’s more to like about it even if the build is on the more basic side.

Player features are certainly on the more intriguing end, which mainly enter in the form of plenty of hatches to open up and place figures in. Given that the Imperial Armored Marauder is something of a transport vehicle, it’s only fitting for there to be plenty of room for some Stormtroopers and the like – something that LEGO has absolutely delivered on.

Scattered throughout the set are little hatches that can open up to reveal interior space in the kit. There’s one up front for the cockpit, alongside two on each side and one on the top. The first three have a pretty interesting design to them, which look to deliver a more authentic build compared to what we normally see from kits in this price range.

My favorite aspect of the build has to be the rotating turret on the back, which utilizes one of the more clever techniques I’ve seen in recent years. There’s a panel that can of course be pulled down in order to review a little seat for the gunner, but also the novel usage of a transparent piece to hold up the actual gun up in place. It’s a really simple design but manages to offer a solid solution to the feature.

There’s also some additional details scattered throughout the set, like rotating cannons on the side that are paired with some crates. It all goes a long way towards recreating the on-screen appearance of the Imperial Armored Marauder in LEGO form.

Speaking of, the set itself is centered around the vehicle’s specific appearance in season two of The Mandalorian, and as such packs some fitting minifigures to match. There’s a total of four total characters in the kit, two of which are exclusive to the build. Headlining is an all-new Artillery Stormtrooper which sports a slick yellow paint scheme and some added accessories. It’s a great figure that certainly stands out in the kit, and marks the first time we’ve seen the unique trooper in LEGO form.

You’re also looking at a pair of typical Stormtroopers, which are the exact same designs as we’ve been seeing for quite some time now. To round out the Imperial Armored Marauder, there’s also a new version of Greef Karga, which marks only the second time we’ve seen the character in LEGO form. Updated for his season two appearance, there’s new torso, leg, and face printing to complete the new release.

9to5Toys’ Take:

Normally LEGO sets based on vehicles from the Empire are a bit boring, or at the very least a little drag by comparison to some of the other kits in the collection. The LEGO Imperial Armored Marauder on the other hand leaves that being in order to deliver a models that’s as notable as its included minifigures.

Which is to say, at $40, this is a really solid set. It’s not only a pretty novel vehicle, but a great army builder for those looking to grab some Stormtroopers for their Imperial armies. I can easily recommend this one at full price for those who don’t wait to wait for a discount, though when we inevitably see a price cut down to $32, the Imperial Armored Marauder will easily be one of the best values of the year from LEGO Star Wars.

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