LEGO Bad Batch Shuttle review: Clone Force 99 makes a long-awaited debut

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The beginning of the week kicked off our hands-on coverage with all of the new LEGO summer 2021 sets, and now we’ve arrived at one of the more eagerly-awaited creations from the Star Wars universe. Finally shining the spotlight on Clone Force 99, the new Bad Batch Shuttle debuts as one of the lineup’s most unique models with an eye-catching color scheme. Head below for a closer look and all of our thoughts.

Hands-on with the LEGO Bad Batch Shuttle

Having been one of the first summer LEGO Star Wars sets to be unveiled for 2021, the Bad Batch Shuttle launched back in May. Since then, it’s been one of the builds that fans like myself have been quite excited to get our hands on. And now after officially going up for sale alongside all of the other new sets at the start of the month, that time has finally come.

Entering with 969 pieces, the Bad Batch Attack Shuttle divides its allotted pieces between three different LEGO builds. There’s of course the actual ship Clone Force 99 is known for cruising around the galaxy in, as well as two miniature speeder bikes to round out the set. Fittingly, you’re also getting all five members of the Bad Batch in minifigure form. At $99.99, it’s one of the larger builds in the wave. So how does it stack up? Let’s take a look.

As the star of the show, the Bad Batch Shuttle uses most of the bricks found in the set, many of which are a light blue. While fans are likely to continue debating whether the ship is actually that color, or grey, the LEGO Group opting to go for the latter is certainly a highlight here. The perks keep on going though, as there are plenty of notable inclusions on the set.

Color aside, the actual scale of the set is pretty slick. It certainly has a presence that’s as notable as its color scheme, and backs that with some accurate features like folding wings and an opening cockpit. Speaking of interiors, you can access a cargo hold in back which has room for two of the Clone Troopers alongside some accessories. The front also has much the same space for the remaining two main members of the Bad Batch.

As for the fate of Crosshair, who has departed Clone Force 99 for the time being, a brick-built speeder bike is included for him to ride on. It’s nearly identical to the one we saw in last year’s 501 Clone Battle Pack, but with a fitting black color scheme. Sure it’s a reused build, but if it isn’t broken there’s no need to fix it. To satisfy that desire of a new add-on build, there’s also a secondary speeder that comes with an equally refreshed design and bright green colorway.

The biggest criticism I have with the set is that you can’t pick up the Bad Batch Shuttle by its middle fin without pulling the entire top off. It would have been great to see a similar mechanism leveraged as on the Imperial Shuttle from the March LEGO Star Wars wave, but I suppose that would have added too much bulk to the sleek starship. So as far as compromises go, it’s a pretty minor flaw.

As much as I would have loved to see the LEGO Group channel all of the nearly 1,000 pieces into the main shuttle, breaking the bricks into different builds does add plenty of value.

It wouldn’t be the Bad Batch Shuttle without Clone Force 99

Equally as enticing as the shuttle itself, this set includes all five members of the Bad Batch themselves in LEGO form. Marking the first time we’ve been able to get the characters in a set, it was actually pretty generous of the LEGO Group to package all of them into the same kit. Each of them all feature unique printing that carries over from the legs to the torso and even helmets; which in come cases have entirely new molds.

Across the selection, you’re getting Hunter, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker, which come rocking their matching armors based around the Disney+ series appearances rather than their time in The Clone Wars. That’s alongside Crosshair and his more recent Imperial-inspired black outfit.

Both Hunter and Tech also come with hair pieces for swapping out their helmets for less battle-ready looks. Oh and best of all, you’re getting a brick-built Gonk Droid, which is easily a favorite inclusion of mine.

I would say that the Bad Batch figures are the stars of the show, but the main shuttle itself is of course really solid too. Sure it’s not completely unheard of, but it’s pretty novel to see nearly every aspect of a set complement each other so well.

9to5Toys’ Take:

While fans of The Clone Wars have been enjoying the exploits of the Bad Batch for quite some time now, the more recent Disney+ series has given the rag-tag squad the spotlight they deserve. In the same capacity, the LEGO Group is given Clone Force 99 much of the same treatment in the Bad Batch Shuttle which shines as one of the most notable kits in the summer Star Wars wave.

There’s certainly no arguing that the theming is spot on with the set, but that also carries over to the actual build itself. If the minifigures weren’t already enough to make this a must-have, and I am sure for many that aspect alone will be, the actual Bad Batch Shuttle stands out amongst a see of other LEGO ships. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brick-built starfighter, but with the recent Imperial Light Cruiser and even last year’s Razor Crest, it’s thrilling to see one of the largest builds of the year enter with a more eye-catching color scheme.

At $100, there might not be a set that’s as balanced as the Bad Batch Shuttle in the entire summer LEGO lineup, let alone the entire year. So whether you’re a fan of Clone Force 99 or just of unique brick-built starfighters, this one is an easy recommendation.

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