Sonos adds Deezer high-resolution audio streaming to its wireless speakers in America


Sonos has announced today that it is bringing previously European-only streaming service Deezer to the United States, wrapped in a new service dubbed Deezer Elite. Deezer is known for its high resolution streaming of over 35 million songs, utilizing a format of music known as FLAC. The deal between Sonos and Deezer is beneficial to both companies, as it fills the high quality streaming void left left by Mog when it was purchased by Beats earlier this year. It also gives Deezer a solid name to tag onto in America. But ultimately, why is this a big deal?

Well for starters, Deezer Elite will stream music to your Sonos device at a bit-rate of 1411Kbps, which is 5x what Spotify can offer you. For comparison, that’s like watching a movie on standard definition and then switching to high definition. The difference in detail will be clear to anyone that takes a listen, whether you are a self-proclaimed audiophile or not. Higher quality audio allows for the smaller details of music to not get lost in the shuffle of the more dominating instruments, whether it’s a killer triangle solo or the subtle twist of the shekere, you’ll be able to hear the music just as it was intended.

Deezer will be available for a free 30-day trial for US users starting on September 15th. Initially, it will run $14.99 a month unless you are willing to commit to a year in which case it falls at a very competitive $9.99/month.

There are a number of great options in the market place for someone that is attempting to up the quality of their listening experience without breaking the bank. Sonos has long been a favorite of 9to5, particularly the Play:1 which starts at just $199.99. The ability to stream a variety of music sources, both free and paid, to individual speakers throughout your home allows users to have a truly customized listening experience. A more robust option lies with the Play:3 which features double the speakers and amplifier, while the Play:5 packs a huge punch with over five drivers. The ability to pair the speakers into a true two-channel stereo setup allows for endless customization of your system, while the recently announced bridgeless wireless functionality allows for placement anywhere in your home.

If AirPlay remains as your true comfort zone, Deezer will not be available for your to use initially when it comes to the United States. However, that does not leave you out in the cold when it comes to high quality audio. Our recent feature of Myro:Air, which is a standalone AirPlay receiver, can handle all of the high quality audio that you can throw at it. In this case, it would be as simple as ripping your audio to iTunes using Apple’s lossless codec, which runs at a high enough bit rate to capture those subtle details in your music. If you are starting a system from scratch, your speaker options are endless, but we would personally recommend Audioengine’s line of speakers. They pack a huge amount of punch for the price, and because they are amplified can drive nearly any input device you choose to pair with them. Even the smaller A2+’s can fill a room full of sound, and fall in line at a price point similar to the Sonos Play:1’s.

Perhaps headphones are what you’re in the market for – there are plenty of options available that fit a variety of needs and wants. We have previously covered Grado headphones, which a quality product that are Made in America. Their full line of headphones starts at just $79 with the popular SR60e’s with options up past $1,000. Grado headphones are an excellent option for listening at home, with their open-air design they pump out music in a whole new way. Additionally, Bose has recently introduced their latest addition to the QuietComfort series of headphones with the QC25. Long known for their noise-cancelling technologies and innovation, Bose headphones are a solid choice for listening in busy areas such as a bus or coffee shop.

The reality is that if you are someone in the market for a better listening experience, you no longer have to break the bank to get it. We are seeing more high quality options all the time that allow users to enjoy their music the way it was intended to be.


Introducing Deezer Elite on Sonos

Stream your favorites in high definition audio with Deezer Elite on Sonos. US customers can try it in beta on September 15.

Today, we take another step forward in bringing you closer to the music you love with the introduction of Deezer Elite, which offers high definition audio streaming, only available on Sonos.

With a shared passion for high quality sound and a mission to make listening to the music you love easy, we’ve found a great partner in Deezer Elite to bring you:

  • Access to millions of tracks in high definition audio (16-bit, 44.1kHz, FLAC lossless) to hear every nuance of your music, anywhere in your home, only on the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.
  • Instantly stream your favorite music, create custom radio stations based on your favorite artists, and discover more music with personalized features.

Deezer Elite marks Deezer’s debut in the US, joining more than 50 music and audio services available on Sonos around the world. Sonos customers in the US can try it in beta on September 15 with a 30-day free trial.

To get started, go to Add Music Services in the new Sonos Controller app your mobile device and if accessing from the desktop controllers, click Sonos Labs.


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