8bitdo and Analogue have brought some some very interesting retro gaming gear to market thus far from the iOS/Android/Mac controller to the Aluminum/Gold remake NES console and even a Nintendo-Themed Bluetooth speaker. And now, the two companies have teamed up on the new wireless Retro Receiver so we can play all those glorious 8-bit titles with no strings attached.

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The Retro Receiver is a simple Bluetooth dongle that connects to the controller ports on your NES (or NES emulator with the same ports) enabling gamers to play wirelessly. It is compatible with any original NES, the company’s own Analogue Nt systems and other emulators:

We partnered with 8bitdo to develop a wireless experience for your original NES, unlike anything done before. The Retro Receiver is a bluetooth receiver that you plug into your original NES. It allows you to play your NES wirelessly with any original NES model, the Analogue Nt and even other aftermarket NES systems.

This isn’t going to work with the orignal controllers though. The dongle supports 8bitdo options, which are great for those looking for that classic feel. But it will also work with “wireless next gen controllers” like the PS3 or PS4 DualShocks, the Wii U Pro controller, Wiimote and others.

The wireless adapter uses Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (Class 2) comes with a USB cable and as many as 4 of them can be used at once for multiplayer games. It is now on sale for $19.99 on PlayAsia and Amazon.

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