Review: LEGO’s Finn & Phasma BrickHeadz are adorable additions to your Star Wars collection

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In the past year or so, collectible figures like Funko POP! have become more and more popular. Looking to jump in on the demand, LEGO has since launched its own line of figures deemed BrickHeadz. We’ve seen some pretty iconic characters join the ranks from Marvel, Disney, and DC. More recently, LEGO announced that it would be filling out the Star Wars lineup just in time for the latest addition to the film franchise. Finn and Phasma were the first two publicly released figures, follow along for our hands on.

BrickHeadz joined the LEGO lineup back at the end of 2016 with a variety of Super Hero-themed releases. Facing almost instant success, LEGO expanded the sets to include other iconic characters. And with Star Wars: The Last Jedi looking to dominate the box office come December 15th, adding lead characters from the film was a no-brainer. While we’ve seen a total of 6 different Star Wars heroes and villains join the list of blocky characters, Finn and Phasma were the first to actually hit store shelves.

All of the BrickHeadz figures roughly share the same general design and stack up to between 80 and 150 pieces. Each brick-built character assembles to over 2-inches tall and is completed by a display stand bearing some BrickHeadz insignias. The same can be said for the first of the Star Wars releases Finn and Captain Phasma, which come in at 91 and 127 pieces respectively.

Finn |

Originally serving as a First Order Stormtrooper, Finn defects following a confrontation on Jakku. And after meeting up with a Resistance Pilot, the former trooper joins the fight against the remains of the Empire.

Finn’s figure design comes straight out of these opening moments of The Force Awakens. As such, you’ll find him donning the iconic white Stormtrooper armor complete with belt and blaster. The kit comes in at the lower end of the BrickHeadz’s piece-count with just 91 pieces and stacks up to be a pretty straightforward and simple build. But that doesn’t change how great the final result is.

The brick-build incarnation of Finn is based around a 4×4 plate much like the other BrickHeadz figures. His head manages to stay relevantly cube-like compared to some of the others as well. Despite that, the internal structure is just about unchanged and uses a variety of pieces to achieve an almost stud-free result. The places where studs do show, like Finn’s hair, are an excellent touch and further add to the model’s screen accuracy.

Back during our initial announcement coverage of Finn’s BrickHeadz figure, a few particular elements of the set caught our eye. And upon getting our hands on the set, these printed LEGO bricks didn’t fail to disappoint. Alongside the two eye-pieces, the real stars of the set are Finn’s Stormtrooper belt and chest plate. Both have high-level details for a set of this size and add to its display worthiness.

Captain Phasma |

Captain Phasma on the other hand assembles to be a much more interesting build and is composed of 127 pieces. As the commander of the First Order’s Stormtroopers, Phasma wasn’t as utilized in The Force Awakens as some would have liked. But turning to her BrickHeadz figure, there isn’t much to be disappointed about. Comprised mainly of light-grey LEGO elements, the Stormtrooper captain stacks up to include a very well-designed helmet, blaster and cape.

The overall build of Phasma’s figure is relatively similar to that of Finn’s, given that both share an almost identical internal structure. Where things differ is primarily in the head portion of the build, which adds some very noteworthy details and puts the kit’s higher piece count to good use.

The set employs some interesting parts usage and techniques to accomplish the curves and details on Phasma’s helmet. The highlights of this figure are Phasma’s eyes and front helmet grill, which are extremely well-designed. You’ll find an array of LEGO bracket pieces to thank for this.

Just like Finn, the Phasma BrickHeadz figure includes 2 different printed elements as well; a utility belt with chrome detailing and two helmet stripes to add further authenticity. Both are pretty interesting, but its the former that really shines as a new element.

Worthy of your collection? |

Coming in at just under $10 each, these are both excellent kits worthy of any Star Wars fan or LEGO builder’s collection. Both of the BrickHeadz figures may not be as intricate as some of the other sets we’ve looked at, but they boast a surprising amount of detail despite their small size.

At their affordable price range, these are some of the best kits available on the market and make excellent display models once completed. Better yet, both Finn and Captain Phasma will make ideal gifts or stocking stuffers with the holidays around the corner. So if you’re looking to add either of the figures to your collection, you can’t go wrong.

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