Most people will never get the chance to visit space. But with the Solar System Mini Set on your desk, you can see the wonders of the universe without moving a muscle. This perfect set of 3D printed planets is now $129 (Orig. $179) at 9to5Toys Specials.

Each of these replica planets measures 3 cm across. They are all 3D printed using real imagery from space missions. With a resolution of 0.1mm per pixel, you can see every last detail.

There are many ways to appreciate this tiny solar system. You can hold Jupiter in your palm like some supernatural being, or admire the surface of each planet like a passing satellite.

But the learning doesn’t stop there. This set works with the AstroReality smartphone app on iOS and Android. When you point your camera at each of the planets, the app shows you points of interest — from frozen seas to huge Martian mountains.

Each planet comes inside a beautiful presentation box, making this set the ideal gift for any amateur astronomer or aspiring astronaut.

It’s normally $179, but you can grab the Solar System Mini Set now for $129.

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