Toys & Hobbies Stories June 21

The days of giving your kids the old simple toys we use to play with when we where young are long gone. To get a step up in school and even in the future job market, technologically advanced STEM toys are the way to go. Even Sony has turned to crowdfunding to fund its next generation coding and robotics kit called KOOV.

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Play dough was always a classic favorite during activity time for many of us growing up. There was nothing else like it for letting your imagination run wild. Thanks to the company Tech Will Save Us we can now share that fun and excitement with our kids with an educational new twist. The Dough Universe kits (currently on Kickstarter) come with a special conductive dough that teaches kids how to create basic circuits with lights, sounds and movement.

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Toys & Hobbies Stories April 28

If you haven’t seen it before, Anki Overdrive is this RC racing game that pits you against Artificially Intelligent supercars in a brutal game of speed and strategy. And starting this fall, the gameplay is about to get even more furious. Anki is introducing a special edition set that brings the Fast & Furious crew into the world of Anki Overdrive. You’ll be able to drive Dom’s Ice Charger or Hobbs’ MXT and race against characters from the films. Plus, you can build the excitement into your track with a new exclusive piece.

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Red Scare is a new team-based game centered around the Cold War, espionage, double agents and all that fun stuff. From Pandasaurus, the makers of Machi Koro, the new spy-themed, card/board game will have players take on the role of federal agents working to complete high value objectives while trying to uncover the identity of Russian double agents amongst the ranks… expand full story

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