Fortnite, the king of battle royale, is copying Apex Legend’s best feature with the “reboot van”

Though Fortnite reigned king for the past few years in the battle royale scene, the latest newcomer, Apex Legends, has taken the world by storm. One of the key features of Apex Legends is being able to respawn your teammates at a Respawn Beacon. Coming next week, Fortnite players will be able to be “rebooted” at a reboot van.

Fortnite’s unique battle style doesn’t seem to be enough

Fortnite still holds the cards for being the most unique battle royale out there, in my opinion. It requires much more skill than just run-and-gun, which is why I honestly don’t play it.

In Fortnite, you’ll not only drop in and have to gather weapons, but you’ll also drop in and have to gather supplies to build different styles of walls and structures. This adds an extra skill level to the game and is one of the reasons that it’s gained so much popularity. It ventured away from the normal style of other shooter games and created its own genre.

Apex Legends took what was, and made it better

Apex Legends is one of the latest battle royale games to hit the market. I’ve really enjoyed the gameplay, as you have a jetpack, can run around the map, and are always in a group of three people. Like most battle royale games, downed teammates can be revived from a still living member of the team. But, unlike other games, after the teammate actually dies, they leave a respawn card of sorts that other teammates can pick up and bring to a respawn beacon, allowing the dead to come back to life. You bring no weapons or items back with you, but you’re now back in the game. This feature alone set Apex Legends apart from other battle royale games, and Fortnite took notice.

Fortnite to introduce reboot vans to respawn downed teammates next week

Starting next week, Fortnite will launch an update that allows dead squadmates to drop a “reboot card” that surviving teammates can pick up, bring to a reboot van, and bring their friends back to life. After someone has used a reboot van, the van has to cool down before it can be used again. This is very similar to the Apex Legends play style and should be a very interesting turn of events to Fortnite games everywhere.

9to5Toys Take

Fortnite might finally realize that it can’t just sit idly by and stay king of the hill. Other games, like Apex Legends, are out there and could easily steal the fanbase of the worldwide phenomenon. This is just the latest way Fortnite has adapted to the ever-changing gaming scene, and I can’t wait to see what else the game adopts in the future.

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