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Vejo Blender and pods

Have you ever wanted to have a blender in your pocket? No? Well, you might after this review. Vejo has created the first portable pod-based blender. It’s not like a typical blender you would load ingredients into and chop up, you simply load a pod into the top, tighten down the lid, wait 30 seconds and enjoy blends that range from essential fruits and vegetables to post-workout combinations. Head below to see how the portable, pod-based smart Vejo Blender works.

Out of the box

From packaging to presentation and display, Vejo has put a lot of effort into making the whole experience very pleasing. We have the starter pack here, which includes eight blend pods in a well-designed case. From the get-go, it’s easy to see that a lot of thought has gone into the Vejo Blender.


With a variety of different colors available, the Vejo is very well designed. From the outside, it looks like a cute water bottle. On top, there is a black dot that hides an LED light that lights up to display different statuses. When you open the lid, you can start to see some hints of where it’s different. On the inside lip of the bottle, three metal contact pads help to secure the lid, and also let the bottle know the lid is closed with the three small contacts on the lid. Inside, we find the blender blades at the bottom.

On the inside of the lid, if you push the little black button, there is an LED light that comes on. When that light is on, you can also see some of the magic behind the curtain. There are a camera and a circuit board in there, revealing that the Vejo has more going on than just blending.

Vejo Blender: Video

More than meets the eye

Vejo does an incredible job of making the blender very easy to use, but the mixer itself is pretty smart. You can connect it to your phone and within the app, get a history of what blends you’ve prepared with the blades. You can also check the battery’s charge, firmware, and research and order more blend pods.

In use

Like most electronics, the first thing you should do when getting it out of the box is to make sure it has a full charge. For the Vejo, just plug in the charger and set the lid on top of it. The wireless charging takes it from there. There is a small LED light that will indicate the status of the charge.

Making a blend is just as simple. First, select your brew, then peel off the cover. Place the pod into the bottle until it stops, and then screw the cap down until it stops. The blades will then start spinning for around 30 seconds to blend up the contents of the pod.

While blending, the Vejo remains relatively quiet and sounds similar to the volume of a phone vibrating on a hard surface. It wouldn’t be disrupting in most everyday life situations. Check out the video to hear a little bit of how it sounds.

When removing the pod, you can see how it works to make sure all of the contents are emptied. When the cap is screwed onto the bottle, the lip of the pod is pushed down, opening up the bomb-bay door style top of the pod. Every little detail of the Vejo blender and pods has exceeded my expectations.


So far, the Vejo has been easy to clean. Just use a scrub brush, put in a drop of dish soap, and use hot water. You don’t want to submerge the lid in water, but wiping it down with a wet cloth is as much as you need to clean it.

For disposal, the Vejo pods are 100% biodegradable and on and their website, it says they will soon be water-soluble as well.

Battery Life

After two uses, according to the app, the battery was at 94%. Thanks to a recent firmware update, the Vejo blender can blend up to 30 pods in one charge. That will keep you blending for a long time, but it’s also just as easy to set the lid on the charger when you’re done using it for the day to keep it topped off.

Flavors, Ingredients, and Reordering

Using mainly free-dried ingredients in a powder form, Vejo says that the pods contain real fruits and vegetables picked at peak ripeness for nutrients. In total, there are currently 20 blends available ranging from clean greens to pre and post-workout blends.

Banana almond was my first choice and was a delicious, relatively thick shake. It tasted great with plenty of banana and cinnamon flavors. The next morning I tried the whey coffee, which I didn’t care for as much. It blended nicely into the water I combined it with,  but it tasted a little watered down and uses Stevia leaf extract, which I could taste. Vejo says it pairs best with cold water, but I think I would try it with almond milk next time.

Premium Product, Premium price

So far, the only downside I can see to the Vejo is the premium price for the pods. Now, that’s not to say I don’t think it’s justified, but it is something to consider. The starter kit, which includes a Blender, charger, and eight blends, is priced at $130 and honestly feels like a reasonable price. After experiencing the quality and attention to detail that Vejo has put into the blender, it seems well worth that price. But with blend pods ranging in price from $2.50 per pod to $4 per pod, the costs can add up.

Wrapping up

Overall, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Vejo blender. It seems like every detail has been thought through and it delivers a very premium looking and feeling product. The blends that I’ve tried have all been good, and they have a wide variety of blends available.

Of course, if you just want a simple blender to use at home, Amazon has plenty of great options. Or, if you’re looking for a great way to prepare your smoothies, juices, or both at home, check out our recent review of the Breville 3X Bluicer.

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