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Hands-on with OtterBox mobile gaming accessories for Xbox controllers [Video]

Well known for their tank-like protective gear for mobile devices, OtterBox now offers accessories for gaming on the go. With a controller shell, gaming clip, carrying case, and of course their own easy-grip gaming case for mobile devices, OtterBox now offers hearty products to make mobile gaming easy and secure. Be sure to hit the video below and check out all the details. 

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip

Designed specifically for Xbox One or Series X|S controllers, the Mobile Gaming Clip securely attaches to a controller and holds a phone at various angles. The clip holds on to the front of the controller and wraps all the way across the top, securely clipping into the accessory port. It takes a bit of force to get the clip installed, so it definitely feels like it isn’t going anywhere.

The clip does work with both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers, thanks to a simple adjustable point on the front.

With a rugged OtterBox design, the gaming clip feels solid on the controller. Likewise, all adjustments feel pretty solid as well. To attach a phone, just flip up the phone stops, place the device on the bottom, and extend out the spring clip until the device fits securely inside of the phone stops. Once installed, my iPhone 8 feels very secure in there even when I have my Quad Lock case installed. 

Xbox controller compatibility

One thing to note here – while the Mobile Gaming Clip will attach to all Xbox controllers, not all Xbox One controllers will be able to connect via Bluetooth to an iPhone. At the time of writing this, Xbox Series X controller support on iOS via Bluetooth is still in the works. While my phone was able to connect to my Series X controller, I was not able to use the controller when gaming.

Original Xbox One controllers do not support Bluetooth. That functionality was added with the Xbox One S and X. Above is a comparison picture showing an incompatible controller on the left with a compatible controller on the right. The main difference is on top near the front of the controller around the Xbox button. On older, incompatible controllers this piece has a separate glossy black finish, while on newer compatible controllers, it is a seamless flat black piece. 

Easy-Grip case

Available for Apple devices from the iPhone 8 and up or the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G, the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Easy Grip Gaming case is everything you would expect from a slim OtterBox case. On an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the case fits easily and has a nice texture on the back for gripping the phone while gaming. While it doesn’t have a built-in screen protector, OtterBox does offer one of those as well in their gaming lineup.

OtterBoxmobile gaming accessories: video

Additionally, to help keep devices cool, the case also features CoolVergence, which is a heat dissipating technology to reduce the risk of phones overheating. This sits in the back of the case and presses against the device to help dissipate heat. 

OtterBox Mobile Gaming: controller shell

Like an iPhone case, the controller shell clips onto an Xbox controller to add protection from scuffs and scratches. Different versions for Xbox One and Series X|S ensure that you get the proper fit for your controller, and there are a few different colors available to choose from to match your controller.

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Carry Case

For the gamer on the go, the Gaming Carry Case is a large but rugged way to keep your controller protected. On top of the case, there is a handy stand that can turn the case into a prop for your phone. On the front is a cable pass-through to charge the controller while it is inside the case, and inside are a few pouches to hold cables or accessories. And of course, the case is tall enough to leave the Mobile Gaming Clip installed when placed inside of the case. 

Controller competition

At just $30, the Mobile Gaming Clip is a great way to take advantage of a compatible Xbox Controller on to go. And, with the variety of other accessories available, OtterBox can easily get you set up for mobile gaming with an Xbox controller. 

If you don’t have an Xbox, though, there are some other great controllers for mobile gaming. Both the Razer Kishi for iOS and Backbone One cost around $100 but are compact and plug directly into the Lightning port for a low-latency connection. Be sure to check out our reviews of both of those products to learn more. 

9to5Toys’ Take

It’s great to see more companies entering the mobile gaming accessory market. With such a well-known name as OtterBox, it’s easy to see why they would step into this world. Since these are designed specifically for Xbox controllers, their use case might be a little niche, but for those who are looking for rugged accessories to make mobile gaming easier, look no further than the OtterBox mobile gaming lineup.

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FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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