EarFun Free Pro Review: Wireless earbuds that do it all for under $60 [Video]

There are plenty of affordable true wireless earbuds out there, but often, they sacrifice some feature or quality to keep the price down. But, the EarFun Free Pro boasts ANC, wireless charging, and Bluetooth 5.2 with a low-latency mode among other features. Normally priced at $60, with the 20% off code below they come in at just $48. So, how do they sound and feel for that crazy price? Be sure to hit the video below to see all the details. 

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Out of the Box

Often, true wireless earbuds in the sub $50 price bracket don’t offer a great unboxing experience. Additional ear tips and wings are just kind of thrown in or stored in a cluttered plastic bag. But on the EarFun Free Pro, at the bottom of the box, we find a nice insert that has everything neatly laid out. This was something that I enjoyed with the Anker Soundcore lineup and just adds some handy functionality for finding the right fit. 

Case Design

Another thing that really surprised me getting the box open was the size of the case. For the 32-hour total battery life that EarFun claims, I was blown away by how small the case is. It’s simple and light, has a solid seal when closed, but feels floppy when open and will easily close. The top is glossy black, there is a single LED status indicator on the front of the case, and on the back is a USB-C charging port. 

The case can also be charged wirelessly. Just place it on any Qi wireless charger, and the case will top itself off in about 3.5 hours. 

Small Earbud Design 

Much like the case, I was also surprised by how small the earbuds themselves are for everything that they offer. Easily the smallest pair of earbuds that I’ve tried, they still run for seven hours with ANC off or six with ANC on. The variety of ear tips and ear hooks make it easy to get a secure fit. 

A few small holes dot the perimeter for ANC and voice call microphones, but overall it is pretty slick. The large EarFun on the capacitive touch button is the only thing that really stands out on the design side. 

One funny thing I noticed is that the EarFun logo appears to be upside down on the left earbud when placed in the case and in my ear. I’m not sure if they’re all like this, but it certainly made me chuckle.

EarFun Free Pro: Video

Being small and lightweight, the EarFun Free Pro earbuds are relatively comfortable as well. I find wireless earbuds more fatiguing than over-ear headphones, and they limit the time that I can use them in a day, but once again, I’ve been very surprised by the comfort of these earbuds for the price.


The capacitive buttons on the earbuds are easy to find and actuate thanks to the large area compared to the overall small form factor of the earbuds. A variety of different patterns of taps and holds can control everything volume, playback controls, voice calls, and even ANC modes and a low-latency mode. Personally, I usually prefer physical buttons with a tactile feel when pressed, but these have been very easy to find and actuate compared to some other earbuds I’ve tried. 


Where Bluetooth can get annoying is when latency affects watching videos or playing games. But, EarFun Free Pro earbuds also feature a low-latency mode which seems to help quite a bit compared to the normal mode. When watching Youtube videos the sound seemed close enough to me that it didn’t frustrate me like other Bluetooth earbuds. 

If low-latency gaming is a major focus, be sure to check out the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid that we recently reviewed. With a USB-C wireless adapter, it offers the fastest connection of any true wireless earbuds I’ve tried for gaming.

Impressive ANC for the price

For life on the go, the EarFun Free Pro also features both active noise cancellation and an ambient mode. Toggled by a triple tap on the left earbud, there is a voice prompt that lets you know which of the three modes the Free Pro is in. There is a normal, ambient, and ANC mode. In my experience, ANC works pretty well. There isn’t an app to control anything further than just turning it on or off, but it does well at taking a lot of the lower frequency drones and noises out of an environment. Just like most ANC though, higher frequencies still come through, but it is lessened. Combine that with the passive noise cancellation inherent with in-ear earbuds and they do a good job of making music or voice calls come through much more clear. 

EarFun Free Pro: Sound Quality 

But what does all that matter if they don’t sound good? Well, again, they sound surprisingly good for the price point. EarFun has played it safe and gone with a very fun sound profile with a sizeable bump in low-end. It’s not overpowering or boomy, but definitely noticeable and makes it great for most listening situations. 

They also get plenty loud. Most of my listening was done at around 30%, which felt comfortable to me. Pushed to the max, bass remained punch and clear throughout all of “Solar Sailer” from the Tron Legacy soundtrack, though they do start to lose clarity when near max volume. 

Occasionally there would be audio glitches when listening with ANC turned on and in low-latency mode, though this wasn’t very frequent. 

EarFun Free Pro: Additional Features

That’s not all though, the earbuds are also IPX5 water and sweatproof. There’s no rating for dust, but I would imagine water and sweat are what most people are concerned about. The range was also impressive with EarFun Free Pro. I was able to place my phone in my office and walk to the other side of my house without any connection glitches or issues.

9to5Toys’ Take 

I’m blown away by the features and performance of the EarFun Free Pro for the incredible price point. It really has everything except for app control. And everything appears to work well. Of course, time will tell how these earbuds hold up, but EarFun has a pretty good review record on Amazon, and the EarFun Free Pro is also going strong with 4.6 stars from 377 reviewers at the time of writing this review. If you want all of today’s modern features but don’t want to break the bank, the EarFun Free Pro true wireless earbuds offer just that. 

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