Monkeys, pirates, squirrels, oh my! MTG Modern Horizons 2 available for pre-order now

Magic the Gathering (MTG) is getting a much-anticipated update with the release of the Modern Horizons 2 booster set. Fans of the original Modern Horizons will enjoy the menagerie of toolbox cards and powerhouse players on offer. With a few new variants introduced, and a couple old faces being given new life, there’s a ton of ground to cover with this 303-card set. Plus, we’re already tracking a sizeable discount on one of the pre-order boost boxes. So hit the jump to find out how you can get in on the ground floor of MTG’s latest legendary game-changer.

MTG Modern Horizons 2 available for pre-order now

Bringing a slew of new cards and some reprints for the modern and eternal formats, this latest MTG collection is packing more than a few surprises. Early reviews have noted the set’s use of legendary creatures and multicolor support. Special attention has been given to one of the set’s most powerful cards, Ravagan, Nimble Pilferer. Creating treasure tokens with each attack, Ravagan will also exile a card from your opponent’s library, which is free for you to play until end of turn. This wily little one-drop is a force to be reckoned with in the early game, and unless it’s dealt with swiftly, can start you off with an overwhelming advantage.

We’re already tracking the first-ever discount on the 36-pack booster box, down to $236.78 shipped. It includes 36 15-card packs for 540 cards in total, with at least one rare or mythic rare in each pack. So you can make quite the unboxing event going through all that this collection has to offer. The cards ship out on June 18, but this item has already rose to a No. 1 best-seller spot on Amazon.

Although that’s just the tip of the iceberg. While, as mentioned above, the official release isn’t until later this month, there’s already a myriad of ways to get in on MTG’s latest and greatest. Casual players can enjoy opening up a 3-pack booster at $21 to dip their toes in the water. Though if you’re willing to drop a little extra dough, the collector’s booster at $33 guarantees four rare/mythic rare cards per pack. And for a potential gift, this Modern Horizons 2 10-pack bundle comes with a 20 foil and 20 nonfoil land cards, an exclusive foil edition of Yursi, Fortune’s Flame, and a custom spindown counter with a card box.

9to5Toys’ Take

Though it’s been a while since I last broke out my card mat, MTG fans are sure to find something to love with this complex, whimsical set. Magic thrives, thanks to its rich lore, detailed art, heart, and humor, and this set delivers with a few twists and turns along the way. It’s been a big week for gamers, both TCG and PC alike, with the Battlefield 2042 trailer debut. But whether your battlefield falls on the big screen or a card table, you can stay up to date on it all in our toys and hobbies guide.

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