LEGO’s new Ninjago City Markets set slated to launch in June with over 6,100 pieces

LEGO Ninjago City Markets

In what has to be some of my favorite LEGO news in quite some time, today 9to5Toys can confirm that later this year we will see an expansion to the popular Ninjago City collection. These massive creations have been assembling a modular sci-fi city in much of the same manner that the Icons Buildings do, and now we’re getting a fourth installment in the series that is the lineup’s largest set to date. Enter the Ninjago City Markets launching in June with over 6,100 pieces …

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LEGO Ninjago City Markets coming in June

After launching the original Ninjago City set back in 2017, the LEGO Group has been expanding the sprawling layout with new expansions every few years. After a Docks add-on, 2021 saw the launch of the City Gardens. And now, after the 10th-anniversary celebration of the theme, it looks like fans will have a fourth release in the LEGO Ninjago City collection to look forward to come 2023.

Last year, we reported on a set that ultimately never came to be with a smaller expansion to the Ninjago Modular lineup. Since then, it seems like that set has been scrapped, and in its place is the largest LEGO Ninjago set to date. The upcoming Ninjago City Markets build will arrive as LEGO set number 71799 and does in fact dwarf all of the other builds in the theme thanks to the inclusion of 6,163 pieces.

The latest addition to the collection will tower over the Ninjago City, Docks, and Gardens sets, with their respective 4,800, 3,500, and 5,600 part counts. It’s more than 1,000 bricks larger than the most impressive build from the theme so far and will connect right in to the other modular sets to continue building out the futuristic city display.

As far as bringing this one to your collection, the new LEGO Ninjago City Markets will be hitting the scene later this year in June. That massive part count is going to be matched with an equally-fitting price tag. It will be the most expensive set to launch from the theme at $370. Otherwise, there isn’t all too much else to share about the upcoming set. Although, there are certainly somethings I would love to see.

9to5Toys’ Take

Back when I covered the supposed expansion to the LEGO Ninjago City lineup last year, the first thought that came to my head was a Markets set. It seems like someone at the LEGO Group must be a big fan of 9to5Toys, because that’s exactly the set we’re getting all this time later. Though with still a few months until a reveal or any other info emerges on the set, I do have so many thoughts on what we could end up seeing come June.

First and foremost, what I want to see from the LEGO Ninjago City Markets set is a build that fits into the center of the layout. We’ve have two corner builds already and only a single one that is meant to be bookended between them. That would give the Markets a chance to add some width to the overall display and fit in nicely with the three other builds, so it seems like the obvious choice from the LEGO Group. Though whether the set looks to build up or out is the real question.

The original Ninjago City set and the more recent City Gardens kit both have quite tall builds that all fit into a 32 x 32 stud baseplate. The City Docks on the other hand is a much more horizontally-focused build that makes use of a larger footprint. It’d be a nice mix up if the new Markets set copied some of that Docks design, giving all of the little shops and stalls some places to rest that aren’t just all stacked on top of each other. But with over 6,100 pieces, it’s looking like we might just get the best of both worlds.

What would you like to see out of a new Ninjago City set? Let us know in the comments below. And in the meantime, make sure you lock-in the existing Ninjago City Gardens before it inevitably sells out with the new set’s release this summer.

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