ROLI unveils the next generation of its brilliant touch expressive Seaboard music controller

New Seaboard

Today the folks at ROLI are finally introducing the new Seaboard – the next generation of its brilliant expressive 5D touch music controller known as the Seaboard Rise 2. These kinds of instruments, limited as they are, can be a real treat to play and are subsequently quite expensive. The ROLI Seaboard Blocks device that released way back in 2017– a personal favorite of mine we had a chance to go hands-on with for review and something I still use to this day – brought all of this into a price range for the rest of us and has since become very hard to get your hands on at retail. And now, after what feels like an eternity, it’s finally time for ROLI to unveil the next generation Seaboard, unfortunately this one isn’t nearly as affordable. Head below for a closer look and more details on the new Seaboard Rise 2.

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LUMI review: Learning to play piano Guitar Hero-style with a wireless iOS controller

Today we are taking a closer look at LUMI — ROLI’s new connected light-up keyboard controller for learning how to play piano. ROLI began taking orders after a successful Kickstarter put the new iOS-based learning platform on the map, and we have since had a chance to go hands-on with the Guitar Hero meets MIDI keyboard controller learning system. Head below for more details. 

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