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A new Earthworm Jim game is in the works, set to be an Intellivision exclusive

A new Earthworm Jim game is in the works. Not only is Intellivision getting refreshed with the new Amico console, the company is also reuniting the members of the original Earthworm Jim team. Some 20 years after the debut release, everyone’s favorite gun toting earthworm is back. More details below.

Intellivision is Back!

Just a quick refresher, the Intellivision company unveiled its plans for the Amico console in late 2018. Still a ways out from actual release, it’s starting to look like the new Earthworm Jim game might end up as a launch title. While still in development, the Amico is planned to support 8 player connectivity, Qi controller charging and a more casual focus in terms of content.

New Earthworm Jim Game in the Works:

According to today’s press release, Intellivision is bringing together 10 of the original members from the Earthworm Jim development team to work on a completely new entry in the series. In fact, the game will be a console exclusive for the Amico by the sounds of it. While that doesn’t seem like the smartest move, at least part of the team is directly connected with Intellivision. More specifically, Tommy Tallarico – who worked on the original 1994 title – is actually the current CEO of Intellivision. Other top team members like Doug TenNapel and David Perry are also signed on for the new Earthworm Jim game.

Earthworm Jim Coming Soon?

But don’t get overly excited just yet. The Amico was slated to be about two years out when it was unveiled in October of last year. And this new Earthworm Jim project is literally just getting off the ground. Intellivision is planning a livestream event on May 4th at 3PM Eastern time for the new game. And when we say event, we actually mean the very first design meeting, according to today’s PR.

9to5Toys’ Take:

After originally appearing on the Sega Genesis back in 1994, followed by 1995’s sequel, it’s about time the run and gun worm hero makes his triumphant return. Outside of some less than stellar remakes in 2010 – subsequently removed from digital stores due to licensing issues in 2018 – it has been a very long time since Jim was on the big screen. It’s hard to say how much brand recognition the anthropomorphic earthworm still carries. Nonetheless, I have some happy, if not frustrating, memories of the original games. We can’t wait to see what Tallarico and the gang come up with for the new Earthworm Jim game. If only it was going to be available on any other console than the one we aren’t sure will ever catch on with gamers. Fingers crossed.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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