Iron Man Hall of Armor Review: LEGO encompasses a decade of Marvel builds in a steep price tag

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Iron Man Hall of Armor

Back in April, LEGO officially released five new sets ahead of the theatrical debut of Avengers: Endgame. Right of the bat, the Iron Man Hall of Armor kit caught our eye, and today we’ll be taking a hands-on look at the build. Comprised of over 520 pieces, the kit showcases several variations of suits from Tony Starks’ collection spanning the past 10 years of films. Is the creation worthy of Iron Man’s legacy or should LEGO just have enacted the Clean Slate Protocol on its latest set? Head below for a closer look.

Iron Man Hall of Armor assembles a modular design

Entering at the middle price point of LEGO’s new Avengers sets, the Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125 kit stacks up to 524 pieces. Its design is comprised of nine interchangeable display cabinets which pair with various detachable modules. Just about every aspect of the build is modular, giving you the freedom to configure the setup as you’d like.

A smaller aspect of the build is also the Igor Armor, an iteration of Tony’s suit which makes a brief cameo in the third installment of the Iron Man franchise. The build is pretty basic as far as brick-built robots go. Most of the details are reliant on pesky stickers. Though surprisingly enough, one of the only printed bricks in the entire set is utilized as the armor’s faceplate.

Igor is easily the least impressive part of LEGO’s 76125 kit. Its inclusion definitely fits the overall theme of the set and there’s no denying that it was about time we finally got Igor in LEGO form. But in its current state, it feels like a tacked on addition that brings down this build’s appeal while raising the cost.

Notable Minifigures steal the show

Arguably the real stars of the show here are the minifigures. Included in the Iron Man Hall of Armor are five figures: Iron Man Mark 1, Mark 5, Mark 50 and then two identical Outriders. 

Only one of Tony Stark’s suits are unique to this set, the Mark 1 armor. As for the three other iterations, all have made brick-built appearances once before. It’s been quite some time since LEGO has released some of them, like the suitcase-based Mark 5 from Iron Man 2. So this kit is particularly eye-catching to collectors.

Each of the figures printing are pretty solid and just about as good as you’ll see across recent kits. Tony’s head features two different faces, one of which shows off a heads up display from inside one of the suit’s helmets.

Iron Man Hall of Armor

As far as playset-oriented LEGO kits go, this is one of the best in recent memory. The design gives it a lot of playability that isn’t dependent on Flick-Fire missiles and the like; something that is really just fantastic. Then there’s the fact that it’s just a great display model. I typically avoid the Marvel sets for not being the best builds for collectors, but the Iron Man Hall of Armor breaks this pattern. 

A chink in Iron Man’s armor: The not so great

Though not all is perfect with LEGO kit 76125. If you judge the Iron Man Hall of Armor on how good of an Avengers: Endgame build it is, then it won’t check off many positive boxes. Marvel sets have a bad rap for inauthenticity, at least in comparison to the films each creation correspond to. That same sentiment carries over into this set, as there’s not much about it that would lend you to know that it’s from the latest MCU installment. 

Aside from the box art and packaging, there’s very little that is unique for Endgame. Tony sports his Mark 50 armor, rather than the newer Mark 85 version featured in the 22nd Marvel film. As far as the other three suits, all are from earlier times in the MCU, and the two Outrider figs share the same printing as their Avengers: Infinity War counterparts. The armor display cases aren’t found in the film either. 

It does do one thing extremely well though. Just like how the new MCU film is an ode to the past decade of movies, set 76125 is a capstone for past LEGO Marvel releases; at least those featuring Iron Man. It includes notable suits spanning the franchise and does a solid job at taking a trip down memory lane for LEGO and Marvel fans alike.

So while it may not be the poster child of Avengers: Endgame sets, that doesn’t stop it from being a notable addition to the Marvel theme. It’s one of the rare playset-focuses kits that is actually enjoyable by older fans as well. By its very design, Iron Man’s Hall of Armor yearns to be displayed on your shelf. Which in itself is a rare occurrence from the super hero sets, so that’s one big plus.

Pricing Comparison

As expected from a licensed kit, the part per dollar ratio is lower than you’d find on a typical LEGO release. Though compared to other builds released alongside of it, the Iron Man Hall of Armor set is right in the middle in terms of overall value. At around ¢11.5 per brick, it’s pretty much what you’d expect given the number of minifigures.


At the end of the day, the Iron Man Hall of Armor can be summarized by a steep price tag and notable minifigures. But unless you’re gunning after the latter, it’s hard to recommend; that is, at full price. It specifically caters to two groups of LEGO builders: minifigure collectors and Iron Man fans. So if you’re either one of these, then it’s a definitely a must-have set, even at retail cost. But for just about anyone else, the $60 price tag makes it a tough sell.

Luckily, LEGO’s 76125 set has been subject to several notable price drops since it was released. At under $50, this set is much more appealing and certainly worth considering if you’re a Marvel fan. But otherwise, you’ll be better off picking up one of the other Avengers: Endgame kits. 

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