[Update: Day 24] Countdown to the holidays with LEGO’s 2019 Advent Calendars

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December 1st has finally arrived, which means for many that the winter holiday celebrations can truly begin. For us, it means that it’s finally time to dive into unpacking the LEGO 2019 Advent Calendar. This year, we’ll be taking a look at the Star Wars and City kits as we have in the past, but this year also brings a new set in the form of a Harry Potter calendar. With 24 different builds to assemble for each set, it’ll be exciting to see what’s included this time around. Head below to see what today’s builds have stacked up to.

LEGO 2019 Advent Calendars Day 24

Star Wars  – Holiday Porg

Following yesterday’s festive Gonk Droid, LEGO is continuing the holiday flair with a Christmas-themed Porg. This little bird is one of the most memorable aspects of the recent Star Wars sequel films, and today’s version is as cute as ever.

As one of the first few times we’ve seen the Porg assembled out of bricks, this is the first version that ditches the typical design. Decked out in a red and white color scheme, this Porg comes complete with a Santa hat. As much as I loved yesterday’s Gonk Droid, it’s clear that LEGO has saved the best for last.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Invitation

To close out the very first Harry Potter Advent Calendar, the final day assembles a collection of Wizarding World paraphernalia that stacks up to a Hogwarts Invitation. All of the staples required for a budding wizard are included here, like wands, an owl, spell books, and more.

City – Santa

As a fitting end to the City Advent Calendar, today we’re getting a Santa minifigure. He’s a pretty standard figure, rocking the typical red suit and hat that you’d expect. Alongside jolly old Saint Nick, you’re getting a sack full of presents too.

Day 23

Star Wars  – Christmas Gonk Droid

With just two days remaining in this year’s Advent Calendars, LEGO is really bringing the heat with today’s creation. For Day 23, you’l assemble a red and green clad Gonk Droid that’s made to look like a present. Complete with a bow on its head, this droid is not only the most festive build so far, but my personal favorite.

Gonk Droids are everywhere in the Star Wars universe, and that applies to the LEGO world as well. Even though we’ve seen plenty of the droids assembled before, this is the most unique one to date.

Harry Potter – Dumbledore

Continuing with the awesome gifts today, LEGO has given us a Dumbledore minifigure. This specific instance of Albus has already appeared in the LEGO world back with The Great Hall set last year. But for those who still haven’t picked up the build, this is a great addition to your collection of characters from the Wizarding World.

City – Sled Dog

Finally for the City kit, we’re getting a sled dog build. While the sled itself is only comprised of seven bricks, the LEGO husky is the best part of today’s creation. The brick-built pups aren’t exactly rare, but who can complain about getting another one to populate their city.

Day 22

Star Wars  – Cloud Car Pilot

Following up yesterday’s Bespin-inspired vehicle, today we’re getting a Cloud Car Pilot minifigure. Having only been released in one set before, this figure is the hands down my favorite in the Advent Calendar yet. It’s an even more notable inclusion when you consider that the only kit to pack this character was last year’s Betrayal at Cloud City set.

You’ll find a primarily white ensemble here with the pilot, though complete with some great details on the torso. Of course, the included helmet steals the show and provides a unique design for your Star Wars collection.

Harry Potter – Presents

Who doesn’t love presents? Well there’s no doubt that LEGO does, as today we’re getting four wrapped gifts as part of the Advent Calendar. Each one comes covered in Hogwarts House color schemes, which is certainly a nice touch. There’s also two new printed envelop bricks, which make today’s build a pretty notable one overall.

City – Fireplace

Today you’ll be able to assemble a Fireplace in the City Advent Calendar. While we saw one from the Hogwarts kit earlier in the month, this version is a little more simplistic. There are some nice parts included on this build though, namely the two brick-looking elements and the translucent orange fang pieces which double as flames.

Day 21

Star Wars  – Cloud Car

Day 21 of the 2019 LEGO Advent Calendars has us journeying to Bespin, as we’ve unwrapped a miniature Cloud Car model to assemble. This 18-piece model brings the unique two-person vehicle into brick-built form for the first times in recent memory, well, aside from last year’s Betrayal at Cloud City set.

All-in-all, this time the miniature’s creator did a great job at bringing the ship into such a small scale. You’ll find the orange accenting, two transparent cockpits, and the unique design that distinguish the Cloud Car. I’d say it’s one of my favorite miniatures so far and it really looks like LEGO is bringing the heat for the final few builds.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Architect

Next up, we have a minifigure of one of the lesser-known characters from a Wizarding World, or at least a statue of him. Day 21 assembles a golden figure which is supposed to be a monument to the late architect who originally build Hogwarts. There’s definitely a lot of cool parts here, as the shiny gold color isn’t exactly common in the LEGO world.

City – Telescope

Lastly for Day 21, we’re getting a telescope build. Comprised of nine bricks, this model is about as straightforward as can be. There really aren’t any interesting techniques leveraged here, and the included parts are alright. Hopefully things pick up as we get closer to the final day.

Day 20

Star Wars  – Echo Base

Day 20 continues the love for Empire Strikes back with a miniature Echo Base build. Located on the snowy planet of Hoth, this miniature creation assembles the Rebel Alliance’s base of operations at the start of the 5th film.

This creation mainly focuses on the Ion Cannon which protects the Rebels from orbital attacks from the looming Imperial invasion, and uses some clever techniques to pull off the design. There’s also a little turret included too, which is a nice touch.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Houses Pedestal

Now at first glance, this pedestal may seem like the most boring one yet included in the Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar for 2019. But there’s one reason why it’s a great build, or make that four. Each of the Hogwarts houses have their insignias included on printed bricks. So for builders looking to fill their creations with more charm from the Wizarding World, this is a nice little model.

City – Snowboarder

With only four days remaining after this creation, we’ve gotten yet another minifigure! This time, it’s a child snowboarder decked out in blue arctic gear. The figure comes complete with a warm-looking blue hat and a snowboard. It’s a nice figure all around and certainly mixes things up from the more generic City characters we’ve seen before. Oh, and it’s certainly festive!

Day 19

Star Wars  – Mynock

Delivering yet another Original Trilogy-themed creation, today’s Advent Calendar gift assembles a Mynock. These bat-like creatures first make an appearance in the Star Wars world in Empire Strikes Back, attacking the Millennium Falcon as Han and the gang are on the run from an Imperial fleet. This build stacks up to 13 pieces and is identical to the one included in the UCS Falcon kit.

Even though it’s not an original creation, this is the first time we’ve seen the design available outside of the massive collectors set. So for fans looking to bring a piece of Episode 5 to their brick-built collections, today’s model is certainly notable.

Harry Potter – Fireplace

Building out the Hogwarts decor we’ve seen over the past few weeks, today we’re getting a 15-piece fireplace creation. Hearths like these are pretty standard for the LEGO Advent Calendars, and sadly, there isn’t much here that really gives it a Wizarding World vibe. So while it does include some interesting pieces, there’s not too much that’s noteworthy about this build in a Harry Potter context.

City – Grandfather Clock

Today’s City build assembles a 12-piece Grandfather Clock, giving us yet another piece of home decor. Aside from the printed timepiece element, there isn’t too much about this model that stands out. It has an uninspired design for the most part and doesn’t pack any festive flair. But this is the first time we’ve seen a grandfather clock in an Advent Calendar, so that’s something positive, at least.

Day 18

Star Wars  – Rebel Trooper

Day 18 is bringing us yet another gift from the Original Trilogy, this time assembling a Rebel Trooper minifigure. First seen aboard the Tantive IV in A New Hope, these soldiers are well-known for their oversized helmets and light blue accenting. They’ve also been a staple of the LEGO Star Wars theme for quite some time as well.

So while this figure is anything but rare, it’s still a nice inclusion in the calendar. If you’re a fan of the Rebel Alliance, having another one of its troopers is always welcomed.

Harry Potter – Professor Flitwick

Following up the Star Wars figure, today’s Harry Potter Advent Calendar has included a Professor Flitwick minifig. Making just his third appearance in the LEGO world, this figure is actually an exclusive for the Advent Calendar. With attire taking from Order of the Phoenix, you’ll find an elegant light bluish grey waistcoat and bow tie.

City – Festive Table

Unfortunately, the minifigure theming across the other two LEGO 2019 Advent Calendars doesn’t flow into the City kit. Here, we’re getting a table decked out in what appears to be a Christmas feast complete with a red and white tablecloth and turkey leg.

Day 17

Star Wars  – Escape Pod

After a few days hanging out in the Clone Wars era, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar has returned to the Original Trilogy. Today we’re assembling a miniature escape pod, specifically the one jettisoned from the Tantive IV in A New Hope.

This nine-piece build does take advantage of some unique parts usage and techniques to pull off the iconic design in so few bricks. It’s certainly a neat miniature, but it doesn’t have the same flair as some of the other micro-scale models assembled so far.

Harry Potter – Hufflepuff House Banner

We’ve finally gotten the last of the Hogwarts House Banners. After four nearly identical builds, it’ll be great to know going forward that the remaining Advent Calendar builds won’t be essentially a repeat of previous creations.

City – Grandpa

Back on Day 13 we assembled a charming Grandma minifigure, and today we’re getting a follow up in the form of a sweater-clad grandpa. The torso piece is the most interesting element here, as it’s only appeared in a few kits before, specifically, the Old Fishing Store.

Day 16

Star Wars – MTT

LEGO is really giving Clone Wars fans something to celebrate about with the 2019 LEGO Advent Calendars, as for the third day in a row, we’ve assembled a droid-related creation. Today’s enters in the form of a micro-scale MTT, a trade federation vehicle that makes a notable appearance in The Phantom Menace.

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen this vehicle released in any capacity by LEGO, so today’s inclusion in the calendar is definitely noteworthy in my book.

Harry Potter – Chess Board

Day 16 in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar brings us a very neat minifigure-scale chess board. The four by four-stud grid is complete with two white and black micofigures and some other chess piece creations. The entire build uses 27 bricks, and overall, does a fantastic job at recreating the chess board that Harry and Ron play in the films.

City – Oven

Today’s City creation is one of the more interesting builds so far in that it has me scratching my head as to exactly what this is supposed to be. It looks like some form of oven, and the inclusion of a circular tile brick leads me to believe it could even be for crafting some LEGO pizzas. That aside, there’s not much here to marvel at. Well, there is a play feature in the form of being able to launch the aforementioned disk-like brick like a projectile.

Day 15

Star Wars – Battle Droid

As a perfect followup to yesterday’s Droid Tank miniature, Day 15 of the LEGO 2019 Star Wars Advent Calendar has left us with a classic Battle Droid. These Clone Wars era characters have been a staple in the Prequel LEGO kits for almost the entirety of the theme’s existence. And even though it’s one of the most common figures from a galaxy far, far away, today’s inclusion is still pretty great; especially considering it doesn’t count as a minifigure.

Harry Potter – Witch Snowman

Today’s Harry Potter creation continues the theme of not technically being a minifigure, but still being a notable build nonetheless. Here we’ve assembled an eight-piece snowman complete with an orange scarf and a witch hat. There are two stick arms and a non-printed face. It would have been great to see a Hogwarts’ take on the classic charcoal eyes and carrot nose, but even in its current form, this build is pretty fantastic.

City – Snowmobile

On the City front, we’ve assembled a minifigure-scale snowmobile out of 18 bricks. The build itself is pretty simplistic, but does have some interesting parts usage to thank for really nailing the overall look. The ski elements used for the front are a great touch. As far as the non-minifigure builds go, this is definitely one of the best City creations so far in my book.

Day 14

Star Wars – Tank Droid

After a few days of chilling in the Original Trilogy, LEGO is now heading back to the Clone Wars with our first build from the Prequels. Today we’ve assembled a miniature recreation of the Tank Droid. This 17-piece build brings the unique vehicle into the micro scale and comes complete with dark tan highlights that really make this creation appealing.

It’s been quite some time since LEGO has included the Droid Tank in any of its kits, so today’s Advent Calendar build is surely appreciated. The Clone Wars have been all-around under-represented lately, so I love that we’ve gotten this novel little build.

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger

Following up the past few days of Hogwarts-themed decor, we’re now getting another minifigure. Today’s unboxing brings us Hermione straight out of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This exclusive minifigure continues the theme of the main characters from the series of being only available in these Advent Calendars, so it’s nice to see yet another compelling figure included.

City – Side table with a cookie

Day 14 of 2019’s LEGO Advent Calendars is capped off with a little side table with a cookie build. While there isn’t much here to really write home about, this eight-piece model does pack the festive flair that’s to be expected. It fits in nicely with the City theming that we’ve seen so far, so there really isn’t much to complain about. The candle technique is pretty interesting, though.

Day 13

Star Wars – Mouse Droid

Continuing with the Death Star theme that we’ve seen over the past two days, the Original Trilogy emphasis returns with a six-piece Mouse Droid build for Day 13. Today’s model may be on the simpler side, but the miniature robot is a staple of the Empire and a solid LEGO build at that, too. We’ve seen this same design plenty of times in the past, but it fits in quite nicely with the Death Star Gunner from yesterday, so no complaints.

Harry Potter – Ravenclaw House Banner

Now that we’re halfway though the LEGO 2019 Advent Calendar, we’re now getting the third banner of the Hogwarts’ houses. Today’s build assembles the Ravenclaw variant, complete with the silver and blue colors you’d expect. Much like the past two versions of this build, you’re getting eight bricks here to assemble the Ravenclaw House Banner.

City – Grandma Minifigure

Day 13 of the City calendar brings us yet another minifigure, this time of a lovely Grandma. Alongside the perfect hairpiece, she comes with a cozy-looking sweater. We’ve only seen this printing appear in two kits before this, so today’s calendar inclusion is actually a pretty uncommon one.

Day 12

Star Wars – Death Star Gunner

As a nice follow up to yesterday’s Death Star Turret miniature, today we’re getting a Death Star Gunner minifigure. Compared to the all white troopers which are extremely common in the LEGO Star Wars world, the Death Star Gunner is a far more rare figure. While there have been plenty of opportunities to bring one home in the past, this is still a great addition to pretty much any minifig collection. At the very least, I’m certainly excited that today’s LEGO 2019 Advent Calendar gift stacks up to this slick black trooper.

Harry Potter – Pastries

Much like we saw with the turkey following the first Great Hall Table build, yesterday’s second appearance of this piece of furniture is also being tailed by some festive foods. Day 12 of the Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar brings an assortment of pastries as well as two drinking chalices and a dish. There’s nothing to really build here per say, but it still helps round out the Hogwarts celebration with some desserts.

City – Rocking Chair

Today’s build assembles two pieces of furniture to place within a home in your City setup. With six pieces divided amongst the two creations, you’ll get a rocking chair and a lamp. Things are pretty basic here, as both designs are a little uninspired. Aside from the wood chopping block, this may be the most lack-luster build yet.

Day 11

Star Wars – Death Star Turret

Finally! After 11 days we’re finally moving away from the Sequel Trilogy and into the era from the original three films. Today’s build looks to recreate one of the Death Star’s many laser turrets as seen in various trench run scenes. Comprised of 18 primarily grey bricks, this miniature build manages to nail the design.

It might not be as eye-catching as the micro Resistance X-Wing, but this is as solid of a build as they come.

Harry Potter – Great Hall Table with Candle

Nearly identical to what we saw on Day 7, today’s Harry Potter creation assembles yet another Great Hall table. This time though, there’s a candle included. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still pretty much a repeat. It still fits the overall theme of packing Hogwarts with festive flair, so it’s not that big of a let down to see yet another table.

City – Curling set

On the City side of things today, we’re getting a set of Curling accessories so that your minifigures can enjoy the Olympic sport for themselves. There are 13 pieces leveraged here in total, with 12 assembling two red and two blue curling stones. This pairs pretty nicely with the minifig we got back on Day 3, so it’s great to see this theming come full circle.

Day 10

Star Wars – Quadjumper

For the tenth day in a row, LEGO is continuing its Star Wars focus on the Sequel Trilogy with a build straight out of The Force Awakens. Today builders will be able to piece together the Quadjumper, a miniature starship comprised of 20 bricks. It rocks a unique grey and dark orange bricks, a transparent cockpit piece, and to stay true to its name, four defining rocket boosters.

We’ve seen the Quadjumper assembled out of LEGO bricks in the past, but this is the smallest incarnation so far. The build is all around pretty interesting and is definitely one of the more eye-catching creations so far.

Harry Potter – Ron Weasley

Today’s creation brings us the third minifigure from the Harry Potter calendar. Making an appearance this time is Ron Weasley, who comes decked out in a similar holiday-ready sweater to Harry from day 1. Here he has a big R printed on the torso. It’s the first time we’ve seen this design hit the brick-built world, so minifigure collections will certainly enjoy today’s exclusive build.

City – Photographer

For the City theme today, LEGO has gifted Advent Calendar openers a photographer minifigure. She sports an orange scarf, green beanie, and of course, her camera. There’s nothing exclusive here, but this is still a great figure nonetheless.

Day 9

Star Wars – Old Luke Skywalker

Following yesterday’s Ahch-To build, today we’re getting a minifigure of the island’s most famous resident. No, not a Porg. Today’s Advent Calendar creation assembles an old Luke Skywalker minifigure. He comes complete with the a scruffy beard, long hair, and a walking cane.

With this figure only having appeared in one set before, this is a great addition to anyone’s minifigure collection. That’s even more so the case if you miss the Ahch-To island kit like I did from two years ago.

Harry Potter – Slytherin House Banners

Similarly to what we saw on day 5, today we’re getting a house banner for Slytherin. It has the same build as the Gryffindor version, but swaps in silver and green flags. There’s nothing really here to reiterate over the previous model included in the Advent Calendar, but it looks like the other two house banners should arrive over the new couple of days. So Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff fans should be on the lookout.

City – Snowman

While not technically a minifigure, today’s build is certainly as exciting as one. It assembles a snowman out of eight bricks, complete with a red scarf, stick arms, and large top hat. There’s unfortunately no printed face on the snowman like we’ve seen on past builds. But it’s still great a addition to this year’s calendar and one of the best builds so far.

Day 8

Star Wars – Ahch-To

As the first build into week two of this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars, we’re getting yet another Sequel Trilogy creation. This time the theming flows perfectly from yesterday’s Chewbacca figure and brings Ahch-To from The Last Jedi into brick-built form.

While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the island debut in the LEGO world, it is certainly the smallest. This creation packs 10 bricks and actually does a pretty solid job at recreating the setting in an immediately recognizable way. Sadly, no miniature Porg are included here though.

Harry Potter – Christmas Turkey

Building off of yesterday’s Great Hall Table creation, today the LEGO Advent Calendar for the Wizarding World has included some festive foods to place on said table. Here we’re getting an assortment of five different bricks headlined by a LEGO turkey for Harry and the gang to feast on. The turkey piece itself isn’t all too common, so as boring of a build as this may seem, it’s still a neat brick for many to add to their collection.

City – Wrapped Presents

Today LEGO is getting a little meta for its City calendar creation with a triage of wrapped presents. Nine bricks in total assemble the three different gifts, which do a fine job at representing presents out of so few pieces. One unique aspect about all three is that they use a flower petal piece for the bow, and it looks great.

Day 7

Star Wars – Chewbacca

To close out the first full week of builds, LEGO is delivering the mighty Chewbacca today as a minifigure. Sharing the same design as previous releases of the famous Wookie, like found in the new Millennium Falcon, there’s nothing about the printing here.

That doesn’t mean Chewbacca’s Advent Calendar debut this year doesn’t shake things up though. Continuing the Sequel Trilogy theming, Chewie comes with a miniature fire and holds a roasted Porg leg, like what happens in The Last Jedi.

Harry Potter – Great Hall Table

Following yesterday’s appearance of a second minifigure in the Harry Potter Advent Calendar, LEGO has returned to assembling accessories. Today’s build brings a Great Hall table, which is comprised of 13 pieces alongside two drinking chalices. It’s in minifigure-scale, so there’s really no complaints here, as a solid Hogwarts-theme build is a nice way to close out the week.

City – Boy with Propellor Hat

Much like the Star Wars variant, the City set is dropping its second minifigure of the Calendar so far. Here it stacks up to a boy with propellor hat holding a cookie. While not an exclusive, this is surely a must-have for any City builder. Even if you have one in your collection already, I’m sure throwing another boy into the mix is just what your brick-built town could use.

Day 6

Star Wars – Resistance Troop Transport

Six days in and we’re still on the Sequel Trilogy theming for the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. No complaints here though, as today’s model continues the existing roster of notable creations with a new miniature Resistance Troop Transport. Making its first LEGO appearance alongside the first wave of The Force Awakens kits, this is still one of the first times we’ve seen the vehicle officially recreated out of bricks.

Comprised of 16 bricks, this model leverages some pretty interesting techniques to pull off the lesser-known starship’s design. It might not be as awesome as yesterday’s X-Wing, but this build still shines nonetheless.

Harry Potter – Professor McGonagall

After some less than stellar builds over the past five days, LEGO has finally assembling a noteworthy Professor McGonagall minifigure for day six. While this is the same version that was included with last year’s Hogwarts Great Hall kit, that doesn’t take away from the professor’s inclusion in the Advent Calendar. I’m sure a lot of Harry Potter fans didn’t end up adding that set to their collection, so this is a nice build for LEGO to dish out this year. 

City – Christmas Tree

While we’ve gotten quite a few festive trees from the Harry Potter kit, today’s City builds assembles this calendar’s first Christmas Tree. It’s a fairly basic 18-piece build, but does use a LEGO Sai weapon as the tree’s star, which is pretty ingenious.

Day 5

Star Wars – Black One Resistance X-Wing

While yesterday might not have had the most exciting build, LEGO is certainly making up for it with today’s miniature creation. Enter Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, a 22-piece model that absolutely nails the source material in order to bring the Resistance starfighter into LEGO form in a new way.

We’ve seen the Black One X-Wing before in minifigure-scale, but this is one of the smallest incarnations the Sequel Trilogy ship has been assembled.

Harry Potter – Gryffindor House Banner

Today’s Harry Potter build continues the theming we’ve seen over the past two days of assembling decorations. But where this model differs is that it is actually related to the Wizarding World. This creation brings the Gryffindor House Banner into brick-built form and is comprised of eight different elements. The signature red and gold colors are on display and it fits with the Great Hall decorative aesthetic so far, so no complaints today!

City – Fire Wood with Axe

Lastly for day 5 of the calendars, we’re getting a fire wood chopping block with axe. This build is about as basic as they come, but that’s entirely fine. It may have less parts than yesterday’s model, but it’s still a nice little creation for adding to your festive City layout.

Day 4

Star Wars – Blaster Rifle Turret

Following the past three days of pretty noteworthy builds, we’ve hit our first lackluster creation in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. It happens every year, and after all, not every miniature kit can be a home run. Today we’re getting a Blaster Rifle Turret, which brings the FWMB-10 repeating blaster into brick-built form. Despite it being a pretty basic model with only six elements, this is notable for one reason. The white blaster used here is one of the first times that this color variant has been included in a set. So while it might not be as eye-catching as Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, it definitely has some appeal, at least for collectors.

Harry Potter – Christmas Tree

Continuing yesterday’s holiday decor focus, we’re getting yet another Christmas tree build today. This 34-part build assembles a much larger piece of festive foliage, complete with a star on top. Much like the builds that preceded, there’s not much here that fits into the Harry Potter theming, though it’s a pretty solid build otherwise.

City – Snow Fort

Fittingly for the winter season, today’s City Calendar build assembles a minifigure-scale snow fort. There’s not too much about this 11-piece ensemble that’s worth writing home about. It does have some transparent light blue bricks which aren’t all too common. But otherwise, you’re looking at a pretty mediocre creation today.

Day 3:

Star Wars – First Order Stormtrooper

As the very first minifigure from the 2019 Star Wars Advent Calendar, we’re getting a now-classic First Order Stormtrooper. Any fan of LEGO’s most popular theme will surely have one or two of these in their collection already, but it’s still a great addition this time around. There’s the usual printing and nothing exclusive for the calendar, but it fits the Sequel Trilogy theming present thus far perfectly.

Harry Potter – Miniature Christmas Trees

Today’s build takes a step back from the Hogwarts-centric action we’ve seen so far in December for a more general holiday build. Here you’ll assemble two minute Christmas trees out of 18 total pieces. Each one stands about the same height as a minifigure, making them nice little decorations to fill your brick-built Harry Potter recreations with.

City – Curling Sweeper

Day three of the City calendar introduces the set’s very first minifigure, a Curling Sweeper. This character rocks a light blue ensemble comprised of a winter jacket and a hood element. Complemented by a broom, he certainly fits the winter season aesthetic. There’s nothing exclusive here on this release, but it’s still a nice inclusion nonetheless.

Day 2:

Star Wars – Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

For the second day of this year’s Advent Calendar, the Sequel Trilogy theming continues with yet another miniature creation. Following yesterday’s Star Destroyer build nicely, today we’re getting a second First Order vehicle. This time, the fearsome Kylo Ren’s personal transport.

This ten-piece creation really nails the look of the Sith Lord’s shuttle and even manages to pack in the folding wing functionality found on the minifigure-scale version.

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Express

As yet another fitting way to begin the Harry Potter Advent Calendar journey, today LEGO is assembling a miniature recreation of the Hogwarts Express. This build is on the simpler side, despite encompassing 21 pieces. You can definitely tell that it’s supposed to be the famed Hogwarts Express, but if it were from the City calendar you’d really have no way of telling the difference. Hopefully tomorrow brings something a little more distinct from the Wizarding World.

City – Snowball Catapult

Lastly for round two of this year’s LEGO Advent Calendars, the City set has a snowball catapult to build. This functioning creation stacks up to eight bricks and allows you to launch white LEGO pieces through the air. It actually works pretty well considering how few pieces are involved here, which is always noteworthy.

Day 1:

Star Wars – First Order Star Destroyer

Much of the Star Wars spotlight this year has been on the Sequel Trilogy, which makes it quite fitting that LEGO is kicking off the 2019 advent calendar with a miniature First Order Star Destroyer. The 14-piece build recreates the monolithic spacecraft about as well as you can at this scale, leveraging a two-tone color scheme to pull off the overall shape and design.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter Minifigure

The very first Harry Potter advent calendar starts things off this year with a minifigure of the titular character. Day one starts off extremely strong, bringing Harry Potter himself into the mix with his H sweater from the first movie. This is an exclusive figure with all-new printing on the torso. Harry even comes with a wand, too.

City – Snow Plow Tracker

On the City side of things, today’s creation assembles a minifigure-scale snow plow out of 16 bricks. Even though its on the more basic end of brick-built vehicles, this model interestingly uses four gear pieces in order to pull off the snow tire look. On the front, there’s a plow you can adjust the angle on and even a steering wheel for your seated figure to control.

LEGO 2019 Advent Calendar details

Celebrate the Christmas countdown with the 75245 LEGO Star Wars 2019 Advent Calendar. Behind each door is a LEGO brick character, starship model, vehicle and other Star Wars collectibles, plus 2 exclusive, Christmas-themed Star Wars action figures. When all the doors have been opened, there’s even a foldout playmat with colorful Ahch-To Island scene for kids to explore imaginative play and act out epic Star Wars adventures. Holiday gifts for kids can’t get any better than this Star Wars Christmas building kit. It is a fun way to get fans of all ages excited about the holidays.

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