Palia looks like the MMO sim that we all need to play, entering pre-alpha soon

Massively multiplayer online games (MMO for short) can be a load of fun. Sure, things like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and many other titles are technically MMO, but nothing fits the category better than sims, I think. While I’m still waiting for proper multiplayer support in Sims 4, there’s a distinct lack of fun in online multiplayer sims that don’t have some form of heavy story to them. In comes Palia, a unique MMO that features an “enchanting world full of mystery.” You play as a newly re-emerged human in Palia, where you’ll have to find your place in the world. What all does it entail, and how does the game itself look? Well, the trailer has me intrigued for sure, so let’s take a closer look.

Palia is whimsical and fun, which is a change of pace that’s welcomed in this age of bloody shooters

While I’m a big fan of first person shooters (FPS), sometimes I want to kick back, relax, and enjoy something a bit less stressful. While No Man’s Sky can certainly be that, sometimes it’s more hectic than I want when the sentinels come searching for me. The Sims 4 is also fairly relaxing to play, and a game that I sometimes frequent, depending on my mood. But the online portion of it is severely lacking.

Palia aims to change all of this. You’re living in a whimsical, cozy, magical world called Palia. The game takes place in a far-off land, where humans disappeared thousands of years ago. Now, they’re coming back, and you’re among the newly re-emerged humans walking around the land. Through your travels, you’ll seek to “uncover the mysteries of humanity’s past”… or just live a simple life, the choice really is yours.

Learn to garden, fish, cook, and much more

While we don’t have in-depth knowledge as to what all skills will be in Palia, it does remind me of many other MMOs of days gone past, like RuneScape and similar. You’ll be able to enjoy skills like gardening, fishing, cooking, and “so much more” as you play through Palia. Of course, there are leveling up and gaining new abilities or tools as you go along as well, which help you succeed in your life in this unique world.

Forge friends or find romance, truly allowing you to live your best life in Palia

While many MMOs have a set storyline that you must follow, or certain quests to complete, Palia feels a little more open-world from what we’re seeing. Throughout the game, you’ll “meet a lovable cast of unforgettable characters.” During gameplay, you’ll encounter several different people, each of which you can choose to forge friendships with or find romance, depending on what your mood is at any given time.

Enjoy playing with your friends, or dive in solo, the choice is yours

Whether you’re someone who just likes to run into strangers online or squad up and play with friends, Palia is likely for you. No matter how far along in the game you are, it’s never too late for a friend to join up and play with you. This means that on a long weekend when you’re off work, it’s totally fine to get a ton of gameplay in, even if friends aren’t able to jump on, as when they do return, you can pick up right where you left off.

Decorate a home to be uniquely yours

Part of the trailer, as well as the home page, showcases that you can make a home “uniquely yours.” This is something else that many MMOs miss out on, as sure, you can design bases or homes in No Man’s Sky or Sims 4, respectively. But the level of detail in the open world of Palia, mixed with the uniqueness of homes, looks to bring something to the table that I’ve not really seen in many games before.

Pre-alpha starts soon, so be sure to sign up for a chance to play

We don’t quite know what Palia will cost, or what platforms it’ll be on. We do know that the pre-alpha will be PC only, and the company’s focus is player experience, so they’ll only release it on console once it’s fully ready. The pre-alpha is set to launch sometime this summer, and you’ll need to sign up on their website to be entered for a chance to take part. I’ve signed up, and hope I get to experience this unique world. What about you?

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