Epos H3Pro Hybrid Review: Performance comes at a price [Video]

Epos is on a roll releasing their latest premium gaming headset, the H3Pro Hybrid. Featuring wireless audio along with ANC, this closed-back gaming headset is packed with features for those who want a multi-purpose pair of cans for the battle station and on the go. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 

One of the biggest features of the H3Pro Hybrid is the versatile connection options. You can go wired with USB or a 3.5mm cable for consoles, take full advantage of low-latency wireless via the dongle, and even use Bluetooth to connect to two devices at the same time or use it while out and about. 

Otherwise, the Epos H3Pro is still a premium gaming headset. Epos focuses on providing clear audio for gaming with plenty of features. Instead of the open-back H6Pro that we checked out recently, the H3Pro is meant to keep you in the game no matter the environment you’re in, thanks to ANC. 

Coming in at $280, the H3Pro Hybrid sits on top as the most expensive gaming headset from Epos. Thanks to the variety of connections, it’s also the most versatile. 

Epos H3Pro Hybrid: Video

Design overview

Epos keeps the design of the H3Pro Hybrid similar to the rest of the H3 lineup. Across the top is a nicely padded adjustable headband. On the left earcup is the detachable microphone with a magnetic cover that cleans up the design, which I’m a big fan of. 

Also on the left earcup is the 3.5mm cable port, a USB-C port, status light, and the power button. 

On the right earcup is the volume dial, which appears to be the same as the H3. On the H6Pro, Epos made the dial larger, which was a great upgrade. On the H3Pro Hybrid, though, they’re still using the same small and harder-to-use dial.

The H3Pro Hybrid comes in black, which from Epos, really means an almost black navy blue. Also, the plate that holds the Epos logo on the sides doesn’t seem to be the same blue as the rest of the headset. I really can only notice it when in direct sunlight, but it did stand out.

Surprisingly, Epos only offers a single color option for the H3Pro Hybrid. I wish Epos had the same options from the H6Pro because the racing green is a beautiful color. 

How’s the comfort?

At 308g, the H3Pro Hybrid feels relatively lightweight considering the feature set and the reasonable up to 30 hours of battery life. 

The ear-shaped cups are smaller than those found on the H6Pro but still fit my ears just fine. The tops of my ears make the slightest bit of contact with the driver covers, but it never became uncomfortable for me after gaming for multiple hours. 

For the earcups, Epos is using a nice soft material where the cups make contact with your skin and leatherette for the rest of the finish. There is plenty of cushion and the earcups feel very comfortable. They are also removable and replaceable just like other headsets from Epos.

Altogether, I’ve found the Epos H3Pro Hybrid to be a very comfortable headset. It was great for playing BattleField 2042 this last weekend. 

Epos H3Pro Hybrid: ANC

One major feature of the H3Pro Hybrid is ANC. If you game in a noisy environment, this is a great way to keep your focus on the game and not and what’s going on around you. Like most ANC headsets, it works best for removing lower frequency noises. So if you’re in a room with a constant hum, the H3Pro Hybrid can greatly reduce background noise. 

Bluetooth and audio mixing

Another great benefit here is the inclusion of Bluetooth. It really feels like a do-it-all kind of headset. If you’re on a console, you can connect with the 3.5mm cable and then use Bluetooth to talk to friends on Discord. Or you can connect to your phone when on PC and take calls if you’re unable to pull yourself away from a game.

How does it sound? 

Epos always places an emphasis on sound quality. In the past, they were teamed up with Sennheiser, but since parting ways, Epos is still synonymous with high-quality audio. On the H3Pro Hybrid, Epos is using 40mm drivers that deliver a frequency response from 20-20,000Hz.

Lows are tight and impactful, but never too boomy. For gaming, this means explosions carry plenty of presence without overwhelming and muddying the rest of the frequency range. In the default EQ profile, the sound is darker than that of the Phillips Fidelio X3, which is usually my main pair of headphones.

At the same time, mids are kept in check and not as far forward as the H6Pro. Highs are also kept to a reasonable level without ever getting harsh in my experience. 

Overall I’d say that sound is more rounded with a noticeable boost to the low end. Out of the box, this makes the H3Pro Hybrid sound fun for gaming. 

While the soundstage isn’t as wide as the open-back H6Pro, the clarity and positioning are exceptional. Picking out individual instruments in music and footsteps and vice comms in video games is made easy thanks to the clear audio. 

EPOS gaming suite

If you’d like to tweak the EQ, the H3Pro Hybrid can be adjusted in the Epos gaming suite. In the app, you can make adjustments to EQ, enable surround sound, and also make adjustments to the sound of the mic. 

I’ve been using it mainly in the flat profile, which I think is great for gaming. 

Epos H3Pro Hybrid: battery life

Epos has also kept the battery life high for a gaming headset. When using the wireless dongle with ANC turned on, you can expect up to 19 hours of gameplay before you need to recharge. With ANC off, that number gets pushed up to 30 hours. 

Mic check

The microphone on the Epos H3Pro Hybrid is tuned for clear communication but still sounds natural, unlike some other gaming headsets. Epos has also worked to knock out background noise to focus the audio on voice communication. When testing the mic with a clicky Razer keyboard in the background, the H3Pro Hybrid was able to keep a lot of the noise out of the microphone when I wasn’t talking. Adjustments can be made to sensitivity and noise cancellation from within the Epos Gaming Suite app as well.

9to5Toys’ take

If you want a headset that does it all, the H3Pro Hybrid is a great option. You can tweak EQ, it isn’t too gamer-y thanks to the detachable microphone, and has great battery life. 

Epos isn’t the only name brand to offer a headset like this, though. Check out our review of the JBL Quantum 800, which also features a wireless connection and ANC. Coming in at $200, the JBL might be the more affordable option here, but the Epos H3Pro Hybrid has great battery life and a much more pleasing design. Also, I think you’re better served by the audio quality from the Epos H3Pro Hybrid.

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