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Originally slated to launch at the start of 2022, the eagerly-awaited LEGO Clone Command Station pack is now available. But with so much fanfare and hype surrounding the first Star Wars accessory pack, is the $15 Clone Trooper Command Station actually worth adding to your collection in the first place, let alone buying multiple?

Hands-on with LEGO’s new Clone Trooper Command Station

After facing delays to start 2022, the first of the LEGO Star Wars Accessory Packs is finally available. Stacking up to just 66 pieces, this miniature build has been stealing the spotlight from the rest of the LEGO 2022 sets. And now that it’s finally shipping we’re diving in to see just why the Clone Trooper Command Station is so appealing in the first place.

Entering at the $14.99 price point, this set is kicking off the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones by delivering one of the first Episode II LEGO sets in quite some time. The LEGO Group isn’t straying far from the typical Accessory Pack formula, and if you’re unfamiliar, the lineup is known for including several minifgures on top of one of two very small builds.

That is exactly what you’re getting this time around, with the LEGO Clone Trooper Command Station plucking its builds right off the sands of Geonosis, which the set is based around. As for the actual build, the main aspect of the 66 pieces is a Republic Command Station. This one is much smaller than its in-universe inspiration, but it still pulls off the iconic design. It has some red highlights with a mainly grey build and does the job of capturing its source material on a limited budget quite well.

Then there’s also a weapons rack that includes two brick-built blasters. This is an even smaller aspect of the LEGO Star Wars Accessory Pack, but rounds out the arsenal for the beginnings of a Republic army. All in all, these builds are far from the highlights of the set, but do offer a lot of value for younger builders or those who only plan on picking up one of these.

But the real reason to buy the LEGO Clone Trooper Command Station is, well, the Clone Trooper minifigures. In the kit, you’re looking at three total additions to your brick-built army. Two of these are the standard white Phase 1 troopers that made their debut in Attack of the Clones, which marks the first appearance in LEGO form since 2018.

Then to complete the pack, there’s also one of the Clone Commanders, which first made its debut in last year’s UCS Republic Gunship. After the LEGO Group’s stance that minifigures shouldn’t be exclusively locked to higher-end sets, this kit follows through on the sentiment by releasing the figure previously only available in a $350 set in a $15 one.

In either case, plain white clone or the yellow-clad commander, both of the trooper variants in the set have some really great printing. It’s always nice to see details carried over to the legs, and this assortment Republic garrison certainly delivers on that front.

Now as exciting as these minifigures are on their own, the real promise of these LEGO Star Wars Accessory Packs is the ability to build out your own army. Given that it’s been nearly half a decade since the last readily-available Clone Troopers like this, the Command Station arrives to fill that void. Even if the value of each clone isn’t much better than we saw the last time around, it’s still great to be able to amass an army of these on the cheap. Or at least pick up a few here and there, considering the LEGO Group is limiting these sets to help keep them on shelves.

I personally picked up five of these sets right away to see just how good of an army-builder the Clone Trooper Command Station would be, and I have to say that it’s great to see so few sets turn into such a nice little LEGO army.

9to5Toys’ Take:

Entering at $15 each, the new Clone Trooper Command Station really lives up to all of the anticipation. On a base level, the rarity of being able to grab some Clone minifigs makes this well worth the price, but there’s a lot more value for hardcore LEGO builders, too!

The builds themselves are fine, though I wouldn’t recommend running out to buy the set just for them. It seems that the LEGO Group is actually listening to builders in some capacity and giving us what we want, which in this case is the Clone Troopers. It would have been amazing to see three of the standard white versions inclusions, though I am sure some will appreciate being able to get the Clone Commander at an affordable price point.

Really the best thing I can say about these is that I picked up five right off the bat, and plan to grab more in the future. Whether you’re like me and looking for the go-ahead to adorn your collection with a miniature Clone Army, or just want some figures to go with last year’s UCS Republic Gunship, let me be as clear as day that these Clone Trooper Command Station sets are worth your time.

The only real downside here is that you’re going to have to wait to get them, as orders are delayed at the time of writing. But considering that many builders have been waiting for years to score some Clone Trooper minifigures, that hardly seems like much of an obstacle.

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