First info on LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets: 501st Battle Pack, Tie Bomber, Clone helmets, more

LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets

The 2022 LEGO Star Wars set lineup is just about wrapped up, with builders just waiting for an official look at the upcoming UCS Razor Crest. Ahead of that reveal, 9to5Toys can now report on what to expect from the 2023 side of the LEGO Star Wars sets. With 13 creations locked in so far for next year, we have all of the details on the next LEGO 501st Battle Pack, first Clone Wars helmets, a new Tie Bomber, and so much more.

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LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets detailed for first time

After an exciting 2022 for the LEGO Star Wars theme, it doesn’t look like 2023 will be slowing down the momentum for all the new sets. Today, 9to5Toys can report on what to expect from the first few waves of the year, with January and March lineups confirmed alongside some other kits that should be arriving in the first half of the year.

There are going to be 13 new creations landing by May the 4th, with the latest UCS kit arriving as the largest of the lineup. No part counts have been confirmed for any of the upcoming sets, though there are price points for nearly all of the new kits.

  • 75344 LEGO Slave 1 Microfighter: $9.99
  • 75345 LEGO 501 Battle Pack: $19.99
  • 75346 LEGO Mandalorian Season 3 kit: $34.99
  • 75347 LEGO Tie Bomber: $64.99
  • 75348 LEGO Mandalorian Season 3 set: $99.99
  • 75349 LEGO Captain Rex Helmet: $69.99
  • 75350 LEGO Commander Cody Helmet: $69.99
  • 75351 Unknown LEGO set
  • 75352 LEGO Death Star 2 Throne Room: $99.99
  • 75353 LEGO Endor Speeder Bike Chase: $79.99
  • 75354 Unknown LEGO set
  • 75355 Unknown LEGO UCS set
  • 75356 LEGO Store Exclusive Helmet: $69.99
  • 40615 LEGO BrickHeadz: $9.99
  • 40591 LEGO May the 4th Promo: Free

Two new Star Wars Diorama’s launching in 2023

Kicking off the breakdown of the LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets, the company will be expanding the Diorama series that we saw arrive earlier this year. Back in the spring there were three different display-worthy models recreating various scenes from the original Trilogy with quotes from included characters built into the base. Next year will be seeing that series continue with a pair of new kits. Expect each of them to arrive sometime at the end of April, like how this year’s launched on April 25. Though an exact timeframe has yet to be confirmed.

First up is the Death Star 2 Throne Room, which will arrive as set number 75352. Much like all of the other sets details today, part counts have yet to be revealed. But we do know the pricing for this one! It will be arriving at $99.99 when it does ship and includes five minifigures. Much like the more play-focused kits that take on the same theme, the new Death Star 2 Throne Room kit will include Darth Vader, Luke, the Emperor, and then

The second of the new dioramas for next year will be journeying to the forest moon of Endor with a new speeder bike chase set. This build will be slightly smaller than its larger counterpart, but also taking on the Return of the Jedi inspiration. It’ll arrive at the $79.99 price point, and will likely include a Scout Trooper, Wicket, and maybe some other Ewoks. There will be four total minifigures, so Leia may also make the cut!

Very first LEGO Clone Wars helmets arriving next year

Entering the fourth year of buildable helmets, the LEGO Group will be returning in 2023 with a new lineup of sets that assemble the iconic likeness of various characters. So far all of the focus of the sub theme has been based around the Original Trilogy and only more recently some of the expanded Disney+ series like The Mandalorian, but that’s about to change! We’re finally getting some Clone Wars sets.

Assembling two of the most iconic Clones, set number 75349 will stack up to Captain Rex in his Phase II gear. Then there’s set number 75350 which will portray Commander Cody as a Phase I version. Both of these will be similar to the previous helmet series releases, with a $69.99 price tag, printed display plaque and stand, and more display-worthy designs. Both of these will arrive on March 1, just as we’ve come to expect from the releases in the past.

Alongside the two new LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars helmets, there is also a third and final character joining the series in 2023. Much like this year’s Dark Trooper helmet that was exclusive to the LEGO Shop, we’ll be getting another one of these creations for the next wave. There’s no telling on if it will keep up the pacing with the Clone Wars theming, but 9to5Toys can confirm the $69.99 price point and that it will arrive as set number 75356.

All these of these will bring the total number of buildable LEGO helmets up to 11. We’ve left favorable reviews of previous waves, and so I can’t wait to check out what the first Clone Wars kits have to offer.

75347 Tie Bomber: $64.99

One of the only actual vehicles confirmed for the LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets so far is quite the unexpected release. After losing the fan vote that gave us the UCS Republic Gunship last year, the Tie Bomber is finally getting a new LEGO model! It’s been ages since an official version of the Imperial ship, and now next year we’re finally getting one.

As it stands now, the new LEGO Tie Bomber will arrive at the $64.99 price point. We can expect it to be in the same scale as the recently-released Tie Fighter from back in 2021, and the set will include three minifigures. There will be a Tie Pilot as expected, but also Darth Vader and a Gonk Droid!

75345 501 Battle Pack

Battle Packs also seem to be making a full return as a staple into the LEGO lineup. This year we saw the Snowtrooper set launched back in January and there was no telling if it would be a 1-off army builder or if the LEGO Group would be completely restarting the trend. Today’s news finally confirms it, as we’ll be getting a 501st Clone Trooper Battle Pack in 2023.

Expanding the very popular set from 2020 that launched at the $30 price point, next year will be seeing a smaller and more typical Battle Pack arrive with the iconic 501st Legion troopers. There will be four minifigures included, with a Sniper Trooper, two Heavy Troopers, and a more generic Commander. Rumors are suggesting that this kit will be based around the latest Star Wars Battlefront game, but the final piece of info we can confirm is that the main build of the set will be a dwarf spider droid for the Clones to battle.

The 501st Clone Trooper Battle Pack will launch at $19.99 when it arrives on January 1.

Mandalorian season 3

With Mandalorian season 3 around the corner, there will also be two new creations in the 2023 wave. It’s a bit too soon for us to confirm what will be included in those kits specifically, just that there will be two different price points. The more affordable of the two will enter at $34.99 as kit number 75346. Then stepping up to the $99.99 price point, the largest of the LEGO Star Wars 2023 set lineup, is kit number 75348.

We’ll hopefully get more info on this front soon, but for the meantime I would say that we’ll have to see Star Wars drop the official Mandalorian season 3 trailer before any real speculation can start. There are no release dates confirmed for either of these sets, either.

Annual Star Wars Microfighter

Each year as of late, the LEGO Group has been releasing a single Microfighter set, and 2023 won’t be any different. Following the Razor Crest from 2022, next year will see Boba Fett’s iconic ship brought into the lineup. Most Star Wars fans will likely know the ship by its name of Slave 1, but we’ll likely see the company go the same route as the playscale model from 2021 and call the set Boba Fett’s Starship.

Pricing is set at $9.99, though we’re still waiting for confirmation on the part count. And keeping up the tradition of past Microfighters, next year’s version will be joining the LEGO Star Wars lineup on January 1.

40591 May the 4th Promo

We also can confirm that 2023 will be getting a May the 4th promotion for Star Wars Day. Surprise, surprise. It’ll arrive as set number 40591 and as of now there’s not much else we can share. This year saw the Lars Family Homestead Kitchen set arrive as the gift with purchase, so there will be a lot of pressure on LEGO to keep the fresh ideas coming.

Some unknowns remain from the LEGO Star Wars 2023 sets

And lastly for the LEGO Star Wars news for 2023, there are some unknowns. In the set list for next year, we have both set number 75354 which has no price or any form of context on what to expect. We’ll simply have to wait and see what news emerges in the future. On the other hand, kit 75351 is also unknown, but we at least know it will stack up to a $69.99 price point.

And last up, the 2023 UCS set. There’s no confirmation just when we’ll see the set, but it will undoubtably be entering at the more typical price point we see for these sets. In the past that would be $200, but it looks like the LEGO Group will be hiking up the price. Others, like Promobricks, are speculating a $240 price tag, but as of now 9to5Toys cannot confirm the potential increase.

Which of the 13 new LEGO Star Wars sets is your favorite for the first few 2023 waves? Let us know in the comments below on whether its the new 501st battle pack, upcoming LEGO Tie Bomber, or the first Clone Wars helmets.

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