Raspberry Pi can just about do it all. But while it’s a jack of many trades, it doesn’t necessarily stand out in any one way. In typical DIY fashion, there are plenty of remedies for this on the market. The latest of which comes via Kickstarter. DACBerry ONE is an analog/digital sound card designed to bring top-grade audio to your home brew setup. It leans on a Wolfson WM8804 transceiver and is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models and the new ASUS Tinker Board.

At less than $40, it comes in at nearly the same price as the microcomputer itself. But for those into media centers and digital jukeboxes that use Raspberry Pi, this project could offer a big boost in the way of sound quality. DACBerry offers analog/coax inputs and outputs, along with digital TOSLINK, as well. With two weeks to go, this project has raised 75% of the necessary funds. If all goes to plan, units will begin shipping in March.

After looking for a good Sound Card for the Raspberry, we have found that there was not a really complete design includding Optical Output or SPDIF and RCA or Phone output. We wanted a full Sound Card for the system without the need to change between two boards. So, we decided to design our own I2S Sound Card! You can use it as a normal sound card with analog or digital output. Or you can even use it as digital to analog converter! Make it an audio synthesizer, analyzer or just a simple recording device. The power is in your hands! It’s already compatible with many of the actual distributions for RPi, also working on 3rd party open source audiophile music players. It has official support already on some of them!

Source: Kickstarter

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