LEGO celebrates 20th anniversary of Star Wars sets by reimagining iconic vehicles in five new kits

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In 1999, LEGO kicked off its series of Star Wars sets with 13 models that would go on to influence the next two decades of releases. In the past few years, the kits have defined the company’s lineup with massive and detailed must-have creations. Now to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Wars kits, LEGO has unveiled five new sets that reimagine classic vehicles from a galaxy far, far away. Head below for a closer look.

LEGO has been dabbling with nostalgia-packed sets for the past few years; mainly in the form of bringing back fan-favorites that have gone out of production. While we’ve seen sets like the Taj Mahal and Vestas Wind Turbine reassembled, there’s no competing with the UCS Millennium Falcon. In the same spirit, these new releases look to draw fans new and old back in to celebrate two decades of Star Wars-themed builds.

Today’s unveil brings five upcoming sets from a galaxy far, far away. LEGO is mainly focusing on vehicles and spaceships here, all of which we’ve seen in one form or another over the past 20 years. Both Anakin’s Podracer and the Snowspeeder were actually in the original batch of Star Wars kits, with the rest joining the theme in the years following 1999.

Spread out across five different price points, the new sets start at $20 and go up to $130. LEGO is also covering the entire scope of the initial releases by including both Original Trilogy and Prequel Era kits in the announcement.

To go alongside each of the five new releases, LEGO has also included a collector’s edition minifigure in all of the sets. Just like the models themselves, each of the five minifigures harks back to the character’s original brick-built design, yellow heads and all. It’s just like the 60th Anniversary Minifigure we saw at Toy Fair last year. Across the upcoming releases you’ll find Luke, Leia, Darth Vader, Han Solo and Lando Calrissiann, all complete with commemorative name plates.

Imperial Dropship: $20


Deploy the troopers with the LEGO® Star WarsTM Imperial Dropship! Load them onto the platform and store their stud blasters for the flight. Then sit the Shadow Trooper in the cockpit, fire up the engines and blast off for another exciting battle against the Rebels!


Anakin’s Podracer: $30


Speed to victory in Anakin’s Podracer! Sit young Anakin Skywalker in the cockpit and lower his goggles ready for the race. Then fire up the huge engines, grab the play handle and zoom through the canyons of Tatooine… or your living room! With Anakin at the controls, victory is yours!


Clone Scout Walker: $30


Protect the Wookiee warrior with the armored Clone Scout Walker! Sit the Kashyyyk Trooper in the seat of the armored AT-RT Walker and stride in battle. Turn and fire the stud shooter before the Dwarf Spider Droid destroys the trench with its own stud shooter. The Clone Army must win at all costs.


Snowspeeder: $40


Sound the alarm, Echo Base is under attack! Win the Battle of Hoth with Luke and Dak Ralter in their amazing LEGO Star Wars Snowspeeder from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Speed over the ice and launch the spring-loaded shooters. Then fire the rear stud shooter and harpoon with string on the ground, help the Rebel Trooper take aim and fire the gun tower stud shooter. Those Imperials must be defeated!


Slave 1: $130


Build Boba Fett’s personal Slave I starship and travel with him through the LEGO Star Wars galaxy in search of fugitives! Grab the handle and fly him around. Pull the triggers to fire the spring-loaded shooters. Load Han Solo trapped in carbonite into the hold and deliver him to collect your payment. It’s another exciting day in the life of a bounty hunter!


9to5Toys Take

My very first LEGO set was from the Star Wars lineup. And when three year old me assembled the Droid Fighter, I utterly fell in love with the series. It’s pretty safe to say that these 20th anniversary sets pack just the right amount of nostalgic charm. At one point or another I’ve owned the original versions of each the reimagined kits, so they bring back so many great memories.

Because of that, and frankly because they’re just fantastic sets, these are going to fly off the shelves. I’m certain anyone who grew up with the theme is going to have at least one of the kits resonate with them. Also, the price points are just right in my opinion. Plus, the collector’s edition minifigures are going to make these even more appealing for LEGO fans.

As of now, no exact date has been announced for when these five sets will be released. They’re expected sometime in the coming months as LEGO exclusives and not available at other third-party retailers.

Some were disappointed by LEGO’s early 2019 lineup of Star Wars releases. But now it’s clear that they were saving the best for last, as these releases are as charming as they come. They pack the same collectors feel as the UCS sets do, but in a much more affordable package.

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